Thursday, May 9, 2013

Warmer weather can be inspiring!

With the arrival of spring finally (it's been a long-ish, very cold late winter here), I was inspired to create some little bird wreath ornaments or decorations, if you will.  I added a batch of 4 to the shop today and have 4 more that I still need to take pictures of and add, which I hope to have up shortly. 
I used new and vintage spun cotton birds on these.  I also used lots of vintage millinery bits and pieces. 
Each one features a different line or word that I found reminded me of spring and good things.
Once again, you can find them right here in the shop.
Of course, after I made these, I started in on some Christmas ornaments!  Never too early, right?  Haha!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recent Thrifted Finds 3/13

Hi all!  Another good week at my local Goodwill outlet!  Have I mentioned lately that I love that place?  Lots of Christmas again, but I'm okay with that.
I even found some vintage deer tucked in a box and some vintage Christmas corsages and crafty bits tucked into an old greeting card box!  Super excited when I opened those!  I was extremely surprised when I found a bag of loose gold mercury glass beads with the cutest graphic on the cardboard can see the bag just below the 3 boxes of unbreakable Yule Jewel ornaments.  More ornaments, more Shiny Brites, more Santa it all!
Aside from my fun finds, also making my week is the news of a Veronica Mars movie!  Super duper excited.  I was really late to the Veronica Mars party, as in I really only watched the series for the first time about a year ago, but I fell in love (also really fell in love with Logan Echolls...sigh.) and wondered why I hadn't watched the show when it originally aired.  Will definitely be seeing this as soon as it is released!  This video they included on the Kickstarter page is the best too...I think I've watched it about 5 times already throughout the day.

Until next time...enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Recent Finds

In my last post, I mentioned discovering my local Goodwill by the pound outlet for the first time and quickly becoming addicted.  No lie.  It's the best!  Tim and I go any time we are off together.  We both look for different things, of course, and I find more than he does because I collect more things than he does, but it's fun for us (even if it can be stressful dealing with some of the other patrons while there sometimes!)...
I took some photos of some of my most recent finds...lots of Christmas!  I've noticed most of the people there groan when they see Christmas, but my hearts starts beating fast!  It always amazes me that all of these ornaments don't get broken in those big giant bins.  Sometimes they do and you see the remnants of some poor ornament in the bottom of the bin, but I've been lucky to find lots that don't.  I'm very grateful that these made it out okay! 
I found a cardboard box the other day with Shiny Brite indents, bells, stripes and some vintage Germany and Poland ornaments as well.  I was so excited!  I'm definitely going to need more trees next year, if that's possible. 
I found my first 2 Dream Pets.  They are super cute!  I found the little French Bulldog and the poodle on 2 separate visits.  Tim found me the Dala Horse, which I was very excited about! 
I've also been super lucky to find 2 Cathrineholm dutch ovens.  Tim actually found the 2nd one...he's learning well!  That makes my total Cathrineholm collection count to 4 and I haven't paid more than $2 for any of them! 
This Goodwill outlet is actually a good substitute while yard sale season is still a bit off.   Actually, knock on wood, but I think I've actually had better luck at the outlet than with yard sales lately. 

Even still, I can't wait for nice weather to arrive and actually go to some yard and estate sales!  Not too long now!