Friday, October 19, 2007

Rain, rain, go away!

It's very rainy here today...sooo makes me want to just stay inside and do nothing. Or, you know, take care of business on the computer, haha.

I uploaded a new mini album to my SIStv portfolio. Actually, it's my very first mini ever! I started making it back in July (hence why I titled it Recap: Our Love as of 7/07), but then I had to make a bunch of LOs for my Memory Makers Masters and Creating Keepsakes SOY entries, so it got shelved with the intention of finishing it immediately after. Well, yeah, didn't quite happen like that and it ended up just sitting on top of my desk, buried under magazines and papers and books. Finally, I figured I should finish it. Now or never and I certainly didn't want to throw it away! So, I finished it. In hindsight, I kinda wish I hadn't dated it on the front cover. It was kind of hard trying to think back and remember what happened before July and what was after. But oh well. I guess that's why they say hindsight is 20/20. Here's the front can see the rest here.
On to the next order of business...back in June, I bought this bag of sewing "stuff" at a flea market. I only bought it because it had this awesome pink pom pom and sequin trim in it, but I figured you never know what I could do with the other stuff. Well, it also had these 2 wooden circle things with a little hook thing attached to the top. No idea what they are/were, which is why I keep calling them "things". I kept them, thinking, maybe I can find a use one day. That day came the other day when I had the idea turn them into Christmas ornaments! I've been going through a big try-not-to-throw-stuff-away-instead-turn-it-into-something phase (and by phase I mean, not a phase, just a new way to be). So, I started with this little paper bird I received in a box of goodies purchased from Annalise @ Sugar*Sugar. I had been wanting to use it forever, but couldn't figure out the perfect thing to use it on. One thing led to another and then it ended up turning into this:At first, I really wanted to keep it and put it on the Christmas tree this year, but when I showed it to my Mother, she immediately veto-ed that idea because she hates birds. So, instead I'm putting it up for sale in my Etsy shop, hoping that it will find a good home, somewhere where it is appreciated and loved and not hated, haha.

I then created a second ornament with the other wooden circle thingy, using a silver tree cupcake topper, lace, and buttons. I actually like this one wayyy more than the bird myself. It's much more "my style", so I'm keeping this one for the tree. Of course, my Mother didn't like this one either, so I told her it was either this or the bird, lol. This one won out. :)
Speaking of my Etsy, I also added this new little trinket box. Hoping to add more soon (I just have to make them! haha)...In other news, the first ever ScrapMojo Challenge winner was announced! Congrats to Sharmaine! Her LO was so awesome! Thanks to everybody who participated! The next one is gonna be even more awesome-er (if that's possible!). It should be posted tomorrow! There's a clue up now for those who can't wait! :)

Finally, check out these goodies I got the other day in the mail from Ellen @ OneRipePeach. I can't wait to play with them! Ellen is so awesome! She's got a great eye for creating and putting supplies together! They came all pretty-like in this cute little red pail. There were also some jingle bells and vintage red buttons, but they're already mixed in with my stash, haha.

That's all for now. I suppose I should go get my paycheck and go to the bank. But honestly, I REALLY don't feel like going out in this rain! haha...

hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods!


**melissa lee** said...

LOVE all your crafty things!! I LOVE that mini book! I was looking at it over at SIStv and was just drooling over it!! Awesome job!

Well, you musta got all the rain we FINALLY cleared up here in good ole' Florida...

Have a great weekend!! Ooo..and I can't WAIT to see your mojo layout!! I know you rocked it!

**melissa lee** said...

Hey - I never realized you lived in Maine!! WHat area are you in? I have a friend that lives near Presque Isle....I drove up there with some friends back a few years ago when I was in college...very desolate and barren looking way up in Northern

Anyhoo - didn't mean to ramble on!

Have a good nite!

*Fauve* said...

Your mini album looks amazing girl!That scrapmojo challenge was so much fun!And i made it into the favorites yay!I will make your layout soon girl i prommise!! :D