Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dozens debut + more.

Hello there. Okay, so I'm finally able to show you all what I created with my first ever Dozens kit, GreenPeace/BlueLove - Woodscrap 2008! Yippee!

When I first saw this kit, I was so stoked because it is so cool and fun and pretty and all of that good stuff. Then I was slightly scared because it was all those things and I hated to tear into it and mess it up, ya know? I managed to work past that and created these lovelies...Also created this True Love wall hanging.
I had used the chipboard people from the package of Scenic Route Chipboard that was included in the kit, but hated to throw out the negative. So, I ended up turning it into a wall hanging. I covered it in paper, sanded down all of the edges (thank God for the BasicGrey precision file set!), glued some paper to the back for our "clothes", glue pictures of Tim's and my face to the backs of the head spaces, decorated the front, stapled some ric rack to the top for easy hanging and voila! A new cute wall hanging! I noticed that our initials (T & L) are the same initials as in "true love", so I kinda went with that for the theme. By accident, really. I noticed it after I put the initials on the hanging and while trying to think of a cute quote, I came up with that.

And hello! Did you see what all of the other lovely ladies created with this kit? So blown away! I think Ashley Wren is my new scrap hero! Love what she did! It's really neat to be able to see what other people create with basically the same products you are given. The whole time I was looking at everyone else's, in my head I was all "Oh wow! Cool! Why I didn't I think to do that?". If you haven't checked them out yet, I recommend that you do. Like 5 minutes ago. :)

Oh, and also, I believe there are still some kits left, so if you want to get your scrappy little hands on one, head on over there now!

I'm really tired right now. Got up early (okay, it was 7:30, but that early to me) to go yardsale-ing/thrifting with my grandmother. After about 3 yardsales, it started torentially downpouring and thundering and lightning, so we about gave that up. My grandmother got a few things...I didn't find anything. But before we came home, we did decide to go to Goodwill, since that's kinda like an indoor yardsale. I hit the jackpot there!
All of that came to a mere $8.30! Yep. Totally cool. You can see better close up photos on my FlickR.

I can't decide what my favorite find is from this batch. I love the pixie elf guy (even though after closer inspection, I noticed he had been broken about midway up his legs). I love love the small decorative pitcher knick knack (says Avon on the bottom, but no year). The mini book is so cute...for 59 cents, I originally had the thought to alter it into a little mini album, but it's so cute, inside and out, I think I may just keep it as is.The wooden house I definitely plan to alter at some many cool things could be done with that! I'm going to use the red wire basket as supply storage (it matches my yellow wire basket!), as well as the Noah's Rolled Oats mini crate. And the mini plates are so pretty! Not sure what I'll do with those yet...probably hang onto them for when I ever move out. I think they'd be so cute hanging on a wall in a kitchen. And they were only 59 cents a piece!

One more friend, Chad Perrone, released his second solo album, Wake, this past week. I received my copy on Tuesday. So excited to find my name in the thank yous!The whole album is just blow-you-away-amazing. I know you've probably seen me mention his name before, but he really is amazing. So much talent. I've been following him for almost 5 years now and he never ceases to amaze me. I definitely recommend that you check him and his new disc out, if you haven't yet. It's available on iTunes and most (I believe) Newbury Comics locations. You can find more info on his MySpace page or website.

ETA: A big congrats to Sharmaine (aka 4Squirts) for being the winner of the most recent Inspired by Amelie challenge! Your LO rocked the whimsy! And as a head's up, the new challenges will be up on the 7th of every month (with the due date being the 21st), so check back there on the 7th for the new challenge!

Hope everyone has a nice rest of the weekend! I'm hoping for nice weather tomorrow, as Tim and I are headed out to a local festival. Hope it's nice where you are! :)


Dana said...

loving your layouts, of course--also truly digging your thrift finds. There's nothing better than thrifting on a Saturday, if you ask me...

shelly b said...

girl...your LO's are absolutely awesome!