Friday, June 27, 2008

Forgotten, but not lost...

So, my Mother has been trying to go through the house and dig through everything, sorting what she wants from what she wants to give to Goodwill. You know, in case we end up moving, to make it a bit easier. She's going through an overhead storage space in the laundry room the other day and imagine my surprise when she finds a box of crafty goods that she had since seriously before I was born. Now, if you know my Mother, she always claims to not have the slightest craftiest bone in her body...that I got all the creative genes. She's a bakery manager and does decorate beautiful cakes at work (she this graduation cake), so I've always thought that her lack of creativity was more a figment of her imagination than anything. She'll deny this. But with the discovery of the box, it proves my point a bit more. She'll deny this too.

Everything in the box was seriously very early 80s...bits of Christmas fabric, Easter picks, fabric ribbon, faux flowers, wooden bits. So cool. And as defined by Etsy...VINTAGE! Ooh, how I love vintage! So, I've kept everything I think I could possibly use and as for the rest, I just can't throw it out because it's so fabulous, so I've put a couple things up for sale in my Etsy shop, like this lot of Westrim kitchen-themed craft stuff...and this BakeACraft Pineapple Stained Glass suncatcher kit...
I also have this Santa BakeACraft Stained Glass suncatcher kit, but he won't be up for sale till closer to Christmas time.And this is definitely not vintage, but a few months back when I was in the running for Project Fashionista over @ SIStv, I had made this upcycled toilet paper roll garland for the project round. I have no space for it now and if we do move, I really don't want to try to transport it, so it's also up for sale.PS., forgive the creased fabric background above. I'm not domesticated and I can't iron. :)

Before I go, check out this beautiful birthday card I received from the lovely and talented Cindy Ellen Russell. Her style is like no other. I just adore it! Thank you for brightening my day, Cindy! :)Until next time,

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