Thursday, June 19, 2008


Still feeling stressed from the neighborhood kids. Mom brought my car in for an estimate yesterday and it's going to be roughly $2,000 to get fixed. Isn't that lovely? But, I don't feel like talking about that right now, other than to say thank you to all who have commented and expressed concern about the situation. I know things could be way worse and some people have them way worse, so I am grateful for what I have and the wonderful people around me both in my personal life and in the greater scrapbooking/crafty/blog-lovin' community. It still just disturbs me so much that completely senseless and needless stuff like this happens to me and other people like me. I think as a society, we have enough to worry and concern ourselves about and this shouldn't be one of them. I have lots more thoughts on this, but as I said, I don't feel like talking about it right now because....

Tomorrow is my birthday. 23 years old. 23 is such an odd number. Like, I don't know, I just can't picture myself saying "I'm 23 years old". It makes me feel a little old, but I know it's not old. It's just weird, you know? haha

So, we're going to Boston and celebrating as all birthdays should be celebrated, with a knock-your-socks-off performance by my favorite, Chad Perrone. He's having his cd release show tomorrow, even though he released it about a month ago. I like to think he knew it was my birthday when the date was chosen. hehe ;)

In other news, I added 2 new items to my Etsy shop over the past few days.

Eye Candy Ephemera Trinket Box.Heartfelt Wall Hanging No. 1
I think I may turn the Heartfelt Wall Hangings into a mini-series. What do you think? Is it cute enough? I have a bad habit of second guessing my own work.

Did you see the sneak of the new Dozens kit??? Hello, lover. Dana actually revealed the full kit, which you can see on the blog. So stoked to play with this! Can't wait to start! Just look at those colors and the vintage children image. Oh my! Did you order yours yet? :)

You still have, oh, 2 more days to get your Amelie quote projects in @ Inspired By Amelie, so you'd better get cracking if you haven't done so already! Oh, and there's an awesome new-ish look to the blog thanks to the wonderfully fabulously talented Cindy Ellen Russell. And Fauve just recently posted pictures from her visit to Les Deux Moulins in Paris, the cafe where Amelie works in the movie. So wish I could go there!

That's all for now, I think. Hope everyone is well! :)


Dana said...

OMG. Linds! Sorry to hear about your car... :( I hope things work out for the best. I am drooling over your new etsy stuffs... (drool drool)
HAPPY B-DAY, beautiful one. and "old" forget about that! :P Wait'll you turn 30.


Michelle said...

Wow, you are young! I am 23 and I agree, it is odd. I think we should blame it on Blink182 for that song about no one liking you when you're 23. Love all the pretties! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'm 23 also and LOVE Crafts... Happy to come across your blog!

Hope to stop by often!