Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick, quick!

I know this is a few days later than promised...sorta, but I wanted to share a few new just-for-fun layouts. And I have to do this fast because my oven timer is going to go off in a few minutes and then dinner will be ready. Frozen pizza and fries. It's about all un-domesticated me can cook. Seriously, haha.

So, here they are...Felt so good to make some of these just for the heck of it. Haven't done that in forever, I believe. "Wonder" and "Most Favorite" were completed during the first-ever crop I attended with Tim's sister, Lisa, a few weekends back.

Got some cool things at Goodwill last night that I hope to share in the next few. The rain and severe cloudiness that has been overtaking the area lately just needs to vacate for a bit so I can take some half-decent pictures. Keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine tomorrow! :)

Till next time,

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Genevieve said...

Great layouts, love the "wonder, wonderful" one especially :) Also, we have been having the same crappy, rainy and gray weather as you guys, hopefully it gets better soon! (and doesn't snow, although I hear it will this week, eek.)