Saturday, February 28, 2009

I share a birthday with Edward Cullen.

Why, hello there, fine blog readers! So, yes, the power is back...we had it back the day after, thankfully. I had been meaning to post an update sooner, but between work and finishing up my extreme destash project (which probably isn't as extreme as I set out for it to be, but hey, baby steps), the time passed too quickly. Of course, tomorrow they're forecasting more snow and wintery weather. Straight up snow, fine, I still hate it, but I'll deal. It's the wintery weather that's a pain in the you know what. It's the mixing with rain and sleet and ice and then sticking to tree limbs and wires that keeps making us lose power. Here's to hoping the spring arrives quickly. I think this is the time of year that anyone who lives anywhere where snow is normal starts getting very irritable and ancy. I know I am.

Here's what I've been enjoying the past few days while working on the destash project...Iced coffee and!

And here's a few pics of what my floor looked like. At times it was way worse than this too!Notice Edward's legs. Speaking of Edward, he says "Hi"!And speaking of Edward once again, last week sometime I made a trip to my local Border's to pre-order the Border's "Twilight" exclusive edition on DVD. I had decided that's the copy I want...I like the packaging better and hello, it comes with glossy photo cards! As if I need them, but still. Unfortunately, they stopped taking pre-orders for that edition the day before. They had sold out. I was informed the only way I could order it now was online, which is what I ended up doing, but unfortunately again, the shipping date for pre-orders online is now backed up until April. I don't know how I will wait! I'm sure it won't be patiently! But anyways, when I went to Border's, I saw this Edward action figure. I debated. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Well....but do I really need it? No again. But what if they sell out and then I realize I really did want it? This is what I wrestled with. Then I turned over the package and read the info on the back.Umm...look at his birthdate...June 20th! That's my birthday, just 84 years later! After reading that, I HAD to get it, like, I had no choice. I just didn't, haha. After bringing it home and upon further inspection, I also noticed that one of his special abilities is "Ming reading"...did you catch that? haha

And then yesterday I was checking out the Hot Topic site to see if they had anything Twilight-related that is new and insanely awesome that I can't live without. Well, not really, but they did have the Edward pillowcase back in stock. So I bought it.I don't need that either. I'm sensing a trend. I'm such a sucker. I did the same thing during my major Backstreet Boys phase, although it was much worse. I bought (or rather, my Mother) anything and everything Backstreet. I still have it all...packed away in plastic storage totes.

Now, back to the destashing, I spent a good chunk of time taking pictures yesterday and today of all the stuff that I'm going to be putting up in the shop in the near future. A lot of this stuff I would have loved to have used, but I just could never figure out how to use it on anything I've made. Certain things I love and early on in my scrapbooking days, I bought it because I loved it and figured, I'll find a use for it. Like brads, for instance. I bought a TON of brads back then. And then do you know what I figured out? I rarely ever use brads. Or die-cuts. I might think they're cute and awesome, but if I haven't used them yet, I doubt I will. That's why I needed to clear this stuff out, especially since I have such a small space. I need to get rid of what I don't use, so I can better see what I do use and make room for new things that I will use. I still have about 200 or so pictures to edit, but here's a peek at some of what will go up in the Etsy shop.Before I go test out my new cleaned up closet and work on my layout for the upcoming Mojo challenge, I want to share the boxes I received in the Speckled Egg Petite Inspiration Box Swap.

This one was from Wendy...This one was from Marlene...And this one was from Shannon (broke everything done and sorted it before I realized I never took a picture...woops!)...Thank you so much, ladies, for such awesome boxes filled with delicious goodies and thank you to Heather for hosting! :)

I'll leave you with an image of what Tim and I have been watching nearly every night before bed...More soon! Happy weekend! :)

Ps., here's the "organized" closet!


Vanessa said...

WHAT!?! Doug is on DVD!?!? i had no idea...that just made my weekend!

Michelle said...

I take it you are Norwegian since you have a flag... I can't help but laugh that you bought the action figure and pillow case of Edward Cullen. I am super obsessed but if I buy those I think Dan and Jenna will try stabbing me with a wooden stake. Totally love the pictures of your decluttered closet. TFS!

Michelle said...

Oops I meant Swedish flag, my bad!

Lindsay said...

Vanessa, Doug is only on DVD available through It's part of their burn on demand program, which means, when you order it, they burn it. They're actually DVD-R discs.

Michelle, haha...funny you mentioned the flag. I'm actually not Swedish at all...English, French and Irish right here, but my Great-Grandmother had this in a trunk filled with old linens and blankets and when she moved to an elderly home she gave my Grandmother the trunk and my Grandmother, completely understanding my current love of all things old and vintage, told me I could have whatever I wanted out of there. I loved the blue and yellow on the flag. While re-organizing, I found it tucked in with my fabric stash (funny where you put things when you move) and the colors called to me again, so I figured hey, I'll keep it on the back of my closet door for inspiration, haha. The strange thing is, my Great-Grandmother wasn't Swedish either, so I should probably ask her why she even had that, lol.

Genevieve said...

Haha, Doug, I haven't thought of that how in forever, but I used to like it back when I was like 14! haha...and I love your obsession with Edward, it's so cute! And I take it then that you are Team Edward? I totally am, Jacob annoys me (well, I haven't read the 4th book, but so far he does...)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That closet is like a hidden paradise!
Edward, oh Edward, so dreamy...I like he knows how to ming read-pretty cool! (ha!)

TheresaK said...

Love the way you organized your closet...wanna come and organize mine???? LOL! I have been putting it off for ohh....a year now!

Beatrice said...

Found your blog while searching for twilight things on google :) Nice blog! Funny thing bout the flag since I'm Swedish! :D I Love Twilight so i totally understand what you mean bout buying the stuff even though you know you haven't got the use for it ;P I've seen the pillow case on hot topic too ^^ Very nice ! :P You can check out my blog if you want too, but you wont understand a thing i guess cuz i'm writing in swedish :P hehe ^^ Would be nice though :)
Hugs from Beatrice!