Thursday, March 19, 2009


I drank iced coffee.

Organized the bedroom closet.

Took a shower.

Played on the computer.

Watched "Bones".

Listened to my "tunes i dig." playlist in iTunes.

Ate pizza for dinner.

Added some new things to the shop.

Watched "The Office". Oh wait, actually, I have to go do that now. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Off to the Border's "Twilight" DVD release party with my friend, Katie, tomorrow night! :)


TheresaK said...

Sounds like fun! have a good time at the DVD release party! I myself am goign to see the house on the left!
Love the new additions to your etsy shop!!
Have a great weekend!

Beth Perry said...

GIRL!!! i am loving the cards with all the varying strips. They are so random and so different, I would have never put those colors and patterns together and they look absolutely gorgeous!! So creative, Lindsay! :P