Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Current Obessions.

So sorry I've been a bit MIA for the last month. At least it was a short month, though, right?

I'd like to try to make it up to you today though by sharing my current loves, obsessions, whatever you want to call them. Here's what I'm all about right now...

1. Kate Spade!Ahh! I love it all! I've never been one into "designer" anything, but I recently went to T.J. Maxx with the boyfriend to buy him some new jeans and I stumbled upon the most gorgeous bag EVER! Seriously, I fell in love with it, couldn't put it down. Then I read the price tag and went oh my gosh, I can't justify that, but still could not bring myself to put it down. Like, an hour later after lots and lots of debating, I walked out with my splurgy new Kate Spade bag. And the boyfriend walked out with nothing. Isn't that how it goes?

This is the purse - Night Sky Large Tate.I love it so much! And since then, I've fallen in love with nearly everything Kate Spade! Love the style, colors, all of it!

2. GetGlue.This is a new-ish social media check-in site, designed to let you check in to what you are doing or watching right now, but the best part is you can earn stickers and once a month, you can request real live copies of your stickers and they'll send you up to 20 at a time. It's awesome! I really love the Glee stickers I've earned!3. I really want these earrings by Nest Pretty Things. So lovely!
4. Love, love these Madras Summer Stack Bracelets by Picnic by Ellie! Can't wait for summer!
5. These Rice dk Cushions are AMAZING and are available here.
6. I adore Alice in Wonderland and this framed picture from Urban Outfitters.
7. I recently purchased this new brocade pencil cup from the Container Store.I love all the brocade desk accessories. Wish I had a large office or desk area to decorate with all of it! I'm all about white lately, with pops of color of course!8. This ceramic coffee cup from the Paper Source is too cool...would love to bring my coffee with me in this!9. Really love this Felt Pom Pom Coin Purse as well. Also from the Paper Source.10. These Simpsons Blind Box Figures by Kid Robot are SUCH a weakness for me lately. They are so cute and when you open a box, you never know what you're going to little surprises like this!

That's all for now. What are you obsessed with lately? Feel free to share in the comments! :)


Ellen said...

Love all of your lil' obsessions! Mine lately are.....crocheting, redecorating, spray painting and peach tea. Hope you have a lovely week!


Anonymous said...

You've got some cute things here! As for the bag, I totally would have gotten it too! I've recently been stalking Kate Spade since my friend her dinnerware on her wedding registry. Elegant and cute!

KE Photography said...

Stumbled across your blog!

ADORE the coffee cup and that pencil holder is way awesome.
Actually everything you listed is awesome..

- Your newest follower.
Krystle, KE Photography