Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Show and Tell - A Springtime Wreath!

Hello all!

How is spring treating you so far? We had some yucky, gray, rainy weather today, but other than that, we've had a good amount of lovely days lately here in Maine! In the next few weeks, yard sale and flea market season should kick back up again and I can't wait! I hope this season has some fun finds in store for me...I think I need the inspiration that comes with some unexpected treasures!

I did find some inspiration a few weeks back to make a springtime fabric and ribbon wreath for my door. This is the first thing I've made in a bit and it felt nice. I love the look of it on my door! It makes me happy every time I see it!I used vintage and new fabrics and ribbons, as well as flowers and millinery. Super simple too! It was finished in an evening.

I haven't made anything since, however. Lately, the inspiration just isn't flowing for me and I don't know why I'm so stuck. I want to create. I want to scrapbook, but it just seems like a lot of work to go sit in my little crafty area and do it. Do you ever go through periods like this? Do you try to force the inspiration or do you just sit back and wait for it to find you again?



Ellen said...

first your wreath! I occasionally look through my old photos of things I have created in the past...sometimes that will spark some creativity. Have a grand summer!

Irma said...

This is like a ray of sunshine this time of year! LOVE it!