Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holly Jolly Holiday

Hey all! Right now, you can have a HOLLY JOLLY holiday at Other Such Nonsense! Take 20% off your entire order (excluding shipping) by entering "HOLLYJOLLY" in the coupon code section during checkout!!! Yay!!!Stock up on ornaments for next year (or this year, it's not too late just yet, but soon it will be!) or treat yourself to a fun decorative piece for your home. I have listed all that will be listed this year, so unless I happen to have more than 1 of something, once it's gone, it's gone. Also, don't forget, that come the new year, Other Such Nonsense will be going back into hibernation for a while.The tree post is coming! I've been so busy lately, that it's coming a little later than I had originally anticipated, but it is definitely coming. I thought I had a jump on the holidays by decorating so early this year, but I feel like this month is just flying by and I've barely had a chance to do anything I've wanted such as watch some of my favorite holiday movies and make Christmas crafts and send out my Christmas cards, etc. So much left to do!

Is this month flying by for you too?

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