Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thrift-ovember Pt. 3

I mentioned that I was hoping to go to an estate sale a couple weekends ago and I did indeed go to said estate sale, but am just now getting around to sharing the photos of my finds.  I've been up to my eyeballs with Christmas decorations and just finally finished decorating today.  I will definitely share those photos soon!  Sometime this week, in fact!

Back to the estate sale though. I had mentioned that I think my good thrift karma is coming back and it didn't disappoint on this trip either!  I was 10 minutes late getting to the sale (I know, I know!) and paid the price when I first walked in the door to the house and saw a woman walk past me with about 4 or 5 boxes of Shiny Brites stacked in her hands.  I'm still not over missing out on those.  At the same time, I figured there had to be more Christmas somewhere, checked one room, nothing but a bed and a bureau, checked the next room, nothing again and in fact, there really wasn't a lot of stuff at this sale...a table with stuff here, some pictures propped against a wall there.  I was beginning to think that was it, when I spotted a couple boxes on the floor in the dining room.  People were around, but I made sure to dig my way in and found 2 boxes of solid red Shiny Brites...not too bad, but I can only imagine the ones that were in the boxes that I had missed!

Then I spotted a couple fun little vintage trees...2 vintage pink gauze trees with mercury glass baubles marked Japan on the bottom.  The tips of these trees were broken, but I think I can glitter them or do something to make them look okay.  Too pretty and different to pass up!  I then spotted a vintage bottle brush Charlie brown type tree/candelabra thingy...grabbed that too.  Also found lots of bottle brush trees and sprigs without bases that I can surely use in crafts and a vintage Dakin Mrs. Claus ornament. I also picked up some handmade felt snowmen ornaments with sequins, a lone spun cotton bird and vintage Christmas card hanger.  There was a rather unremarkable-looking shoebox marked "Santa and Frosty Blow-Ups"...I peeked inside and sure enough, they were still there and looked super cute and vintage, so I grabbed the box.  Poked around some more, but didn't see anything else.  Decided to go check out the living room, nothing in there either.  I then walked into the kitchen, the last room I hadn't checked out yet and my eye immediately went to an out of place zip-loc bag on a counter with some kitchen-type stuff.  I looked around not believing my luck and snatched the bag and quickly put it in my bag.  Inside this zip-loc was 4 vintage Japan pinecone elves with the cutest little faces.  I've been wanting some of these elves for years, but they are always way outside of my price range online.  These were the first I've ever seen thrifting.  Totally scored with these guys!  While they don't entirely take the sting away from losing the Shiny Brites, they do help a lot!

After the estate sale, I ventured over to the local Salvation Army and Goodwill again, hoping for some more good stuff and sure enough, I did find some things!  At the Salvation Army, I found another bottle brush candy cane with mercury glass beads, 2 for 2 on bottle brush candy canes during Salvation Army trips now.  I also found a glass Eiffel Tower in clear (I have a pink one already), a white and blue hobnail milk glass dish, some flocked velvette ribbon, a cute Hallmark Santa with Cookies and Milk ornament, a couple more single gold Shiny Brites, some plastic made in Hong Kong nativities and a plastic house with Santa and his sleigh.

At Goodwill I found a super cute vintage elephant planter, some flower looms, wooden mushroom spike things, a Crate & Barrel snowman mug and Rock-a-Bye Baby Junior Elf book to add to my collection.  Not too shabby for a day out thrifting!  Looking forward to some church sales this coming weekend and maybe another trip to the Salvation Army and Goodwill as long as they are being good to me!

As mentioned earlier, I'll be back soon with some Christmas decor posts.  Don't forget, through tomorrow, I'm having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at both Etsy shops.  Grab some handmade ornaments for stocking stuffers or gifts or stock up on some supplies!  Just enter "BLACKFRIDAY" in the coupon code section during checkout to take 15% off your purchase (excluding shipping).  Until next time!

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