Sunday, August 19, 2007

Harry Potter goes 'Poof! Poof! Pew! Pew! and then he flies away on his wand, saving immigrants!'

This is what Tim said to me tonight after he picked up my copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and pretended to read the end and spoil it for me. Too cute! haha :)
So, I finally finished it, the book that is! Took me awhile, a lot longer than I had initially hoped, but life just seems so much more busy now than when the last book came out. I liked it though and I got all sentimental and emotional during the last few pages. It's just so weird to feel that there will be no more. I'm going to wait a while and then re-read them all from the beginning and by then hopefully, it'll feel like they're fresh in my mind again. Hopefully being the key. Haha...

On a much less happy note, when I wake up tomorrow morning, vacation will be over. Really not thrilled there. Been thinking a lot about life and what I want to do and where I want to go the past few days. I know what I definitely don't want and I know what I want to aspire for, I just am iffy on if it will be plausible, but I guess you never know till you try.

Friday, we went down to Boston/Cambridge for the day and evening. Got a couple different things I think I can use for scrapping. Went to the new Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. It's much nicer and it's in a much better location, but lunch for 3 of us ended up coming to over $70, with a $5 off coupon. Yikes! Later, we went on a Rock & Blues aka "booze cruise" out of Boston Harbor, which was our whole point in going. Chad Perrone headlined with Tim Blane and OSB opening...all 3 of them being local indie acts that I would deem very worthy of checking out. Before the cruise, I had what appeared to be a crazy drunken homeless man come up to me and want to take my camera, so he could take a picture of me and Tim and I was like, "Uh, no thanks" and he kept insisting. Finally I was just like, "NO" and then he was like, "Excuse me a minute" and hawked a loogie right next to us. Um, can you say disgusting?

During the cruise, at one point, I spotted this girl that looked REALLY familiar and I thought for a moment and realized she looked exactly like Lori from the "Real World 10: Back to New York". I mentioned it to my Mom and she agreed. A little while later, she walked by and my Mother said to her, "You know, you look just like Lori from the Real World" and she was like, "That's because I am". Totally random and cool. I had met the RW/RR Extreme Challenge cast back in 2000 and then Colin from the RW: Hawaii when I arranged for him to host an event at my high school my senior year and I just said to Tim last week when we went to the wrestling event that I think it would have been cool if I could have met Mike "The Miz", also from the RW: Back to New York, as I haven't met anyone from either show for a while, but it didn't happen. Who would have thought that I would have met his fellow castmate in a completely unexpected place less than a week later. Turns out she was there to see Tim Blane. Got a pic with her. She was really nice and looked exactly as she did on her season, she hasn't aged a bit. She is also much more tiny than you'd expect her to be and I mean heightwise.

Anyway, here's some pics from Boston, including the one with Lori:

@ the new Hard Rock in front of the drum symbol wall.

After having a bit to drink, haha. Tim looks way happy and I've got the drunk closed eyes thing going, lol.

Also, finished a couple new LOs...the song one was way fun to do and I'm really pleased with how it came out! I got some new BasicGrey in the mail and wanted to use it, but found it challenging to figure out how to do so. For me, I love their stuff, but it's always such a challenge to use...a fun one though! And the So Happy LO was just a fun, playing around/experimenting thing. Like the way it came out though.

Finally, added 2 new items to my Etsy shop. A "Thinking of You" card I had made while playing around with scraps on my table and a set of 6 Christmas gift tags. Here are those:
But alright, pillow time for me! Until next time...


*fauve* said...

Yeah no more HP,makes me sad :( And no more vacation for you.Which prob. makes you sad...BUT the good thing is your layouts look really fresh and HAPPY!

Christina C. said...

Hi Lindsay,

Just want to say Hi and that I love your style. YOu are sooo talented. Thanks for the eye candy