Saturday, September 29, 2007

A couple things...

1. Jon McLaughlin is beautiful. I went to his concert with my friend Tiffany last Saturday. We saw him along with our friend Jenna back in April when he opened for Matt Wertz and Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers @ the Avalon in Boston. I first discovered his music when I heard it on an sampler a few years ago. At the time, he was an indie artist from Indiana who played most of his shows in that vicinity. I purchased his cd from Awarestore and loved it! He almost sounds like a young, fresh Billy Joel. Only, he's wayyyyy more good looking than Billy Joel probably ever dreamed of being. At this point, don't get me wrong, I dig Billy's stuff, but seriously, Jon is just HOT! Figured I'd probably never get to see him live, as he never seemed to venture up this way. Then we got tickets to the Sixers show and imagine my surprise after we already purchased our tickets and I found out he was opening! It's like the thing when you get candy out of a vending machine and it just so happens to spit out the package behind it as well. He was amazing when we saw him, but I had been really disappointed because we didn't get to meet him. At this point, he's been signed to a record deal and is gearing up to release his first major label release, Indiana. He was even the free single of the day on iTunes, so although I doubted I'd be able to see him again anytime soon, I didn't think it was impossible, I just didn't think it would happen in half a years time and be within a 20 minute's drive!

Okay, so where I'm going with this is that he was amazing again and this time, it was a small little club with a smallish crowd, so I told Tiffany that I'd be damned if I was going to leave there and not meet him this time. It wasn't very hard...shortly after his set, he came out to the merch table and everyone lined up. Now, I've met people plenty of times before and I've gotten over the nervousness that sometimes comes with meeting someone who is considered "famous" by whatever means. However, when it almost reached our turn in line, my heart started racing, I became all giddy, like a middle schooler with a crush. It was nuts, and so unlike me. We get up there, he shakes my hand and that really did me in, I started talking fast, rambling even and I couldn't stop. It was like I didn't even take a breath. I couldn't even really control what I was saying, I just went into the whole thing about Awarestore, the Sixers show, blah blah blah, like he even cared. I remember thinking to myself, "Just stope talking, you idiot!". Finally I managed to spit out, "Can you sign my cd and can I get a picture with you please!?" And so he did and I got a picture and seriously, looking at him next to me in this picture, it was well worth making a fool out of myself over, haha!

2. Being hit by cars kinda sucks. Yesterday, Tim and I were headed out to the mall and before I was about to merge onto the highway on ramp, some person up ahead stopped fast, causing everyone behind them to stop fast, including the guy in front of me and me, but not the guy behind me. I heard screeching and looked into my rearview mirror to see the car behind me getting a little too close for comfort and sure enough, BOOM! He hit me. Luckily it wasn't all that hard, but hard enough to jerk me and Tim in our seats. My heart started to race, I was sure my whole backend was probably smashed in. Afterall, since getting my car in July of '05, this marks the 3rd time it's been hit. The first being a month after I got it, which ended in my passenger side headlight nearly being ripped off and led to probably one of the worst experiences in my life thus far and the second being in a parking lot after meeting Keifer Sutherland and having a lady back right into it. Once again, on the passenger side. It was all dented in and whatnot and I still have yet to see my deductable returned for that. So, I mean, seriously, I'm just thinking what the hell, here we go again. As I said before, luckily he didn't hit me all that hard and the only damage done was 2 teeny tiny little dings on my bumper. But still, I'm beginning to wonder if my car has a big "hit me" sign on it. So, that sucked, but it could have been way worse and I know I am lucky in a weird sort of way.
3. I'm adding this set of 3 Halloween cards to my Etsy today! Bought these cute little googly eyes stickers at Target and figured they'd be awesome on Halloween cards...

4. Despite being inundated with more hours than usual at work, I managed to squeeze in a few layouts:

The first is a layout I did for a photoswap with the awesomely fabulous and talented Fauve, whose blog and lovely layouts can be found here. The second one is just a fun and really honest one about who I am, in my eyes. As per usual lately, I used mostly scraps from my scrap bin. I save every just about every piece of torn paper or leftover piece, no matter how small. I've been stuck on using these lately rather than dig into new pieces and it's been fun, sometimes challenging and I love it! Seriously, try it, you'd be surprised what you can create with them! :)

5. I'm got some awesomely exciting and cool news to share real soon, but not quite yet. Here's a's groovy, baby, yeah! ;)

That's all for now, more to come soon! :)



Anonymous said...

Jon McLaughlin is a cute guy. But back in the day, Billy Joel was quite a hottie too. Even though he's in his fifties now, some of us still find him very sexy.

Nessa said...

i really really love your layouts!! there are so fab!!!!!!!!

Christina C. said...

Wow. I'm so sorry about your car. That would totally freak me out too.

Love your layouts. The stitching is just so rad.

So... how do you store your scraps? I save pretty much everything too and was wondering if you have a fantabulous secret storage method.

Gwen said...

Hi Lindsay, just a little heloo to sat how much i love your card!!and your layour rocks!!!!
take care xoxo

*fauve* said...

Owmy girl,that layout is sooooooo crazy cool!!!!!!So many great details,im in LUV!!Can you email it to me?(

Will get you your layout soon!!

*Fauve* said...

btw,that boy is such a HUNK!!