Friday, October 5, 2007

Woo hoo!

You've probably been wondering what the good news is that I hinted at in my last entry. Well, here it is...I was chosen as one of ScrapMojo's "Mojo Girls"! Yay! Scrap Mojo is an awesome new challenge blog that going to be overflowing with lots of random and cool challenges and I feel totally honored to be a part of it, along with some other highly talented ladies!
And it just so happens that today is the day that the first challenge has been posted! It's a double whammy have to use the quote "Nobody puts baby in a corner" from 'Dirty Dancing' AND (see, this is the double whammy part) you have to include a handmade felt embellie! Here's my take:
A little background on the photo and layout...this is my Mother, Uncle and Grandmother back in the day. My Mom has always told me stories of how her brothers (my uncles) would always wreck her belongings and her cousins would always try to steal her Christmas presents, so she'd have to hide them after she'd get them and she could never have anything nice, etc. Well, when I saw this photo my Grandmother had tucked away in an album, I found it amusing because even from a young age, she seems to be trying to protect her stuff. I just love how she's backed into that corner with a don't-mess-with-me look on her face, clutching her Christmas stocking. I guess it's one of those things where you really believe it when you see some proof, haha. So, having never actually seen the movie "Dirty Dancing" (I know, I know! haha), and having no idea what that quote is actually in reference to, I figured it would be fitting to incorporate the quote in with this photo. And there you have it!

Now, I just got a new package from TwoPeas today, so I'm off to check out my new stuff (and hopefully play!), but you all should go check out that challenge...seriously. The prize is killer...a kit from the Red Velvet Kit Club and uhh, who doesn't want that? :)
Till next time,


Christina C. said...


congratulations! that is soo rad.

Definitely going to go check it out.

Also, I love that layout. you rock the embellies like no other.

*Fauve* said...

Yay congrats girl,thats so awesome~!Checked out the site and it looks awesome~!

Lizee said...

congrats fellow mojo!:)

Nessa said...

i love this so fab layout!
congrats you really rock and thank you for the mojo's link!!!