Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back by popular demand!

Well, kinda...haha

Quite a few people told my that I make more of my Winter Wonderland Christmas ornament and try and sell them on my Etsy. So, I managed to find some small styrofoam wreath-looking things at the craft store. I was looking for some more of those wooden ring things I used before that I had purchased at the flea market, but I have no idea what they are and I kinda looked around, but didn't see anything. Which reminds me, if anyone has any ideas what they are, by all means, I'd love to hear them! haha.

Here are the first 2...hopefully there will be more to come! They're both up for sale on my Etsy right now.
I'm off to eat dinner now and then hopefully make some more stuff! And don't forget, you have until tomorrow, the 15th to get your layouts in for the current Scrap Mojo challenge! Don't want to miss this one...the prize is a ZingBoom! kit from SIStv! I know I'd totally want one! :)


Marie said...

So where did u get those tinsel wreaths? I dont know what it is but it sounds like a embrodery hoop? I dont know my dear. Love those ornaments tho!!!

Marie said...

I meant trees..what a dork! hahaha!

Quenya said...

I work more thorough and beautiful detail. Congratulations

*Fauve* said...

Verry cute,you must have the cutest tree ever!