Monday, April 28, 2008

Hanson Weekend

Okay, I know what you're probably thinking..."Hanson? Like the 'MmmBop' kids? They're still around?" That's what I usually get when I've mentioned seeing Hanson live. Or giggles and snickering. The general public can't seem to get over hearing long-haired adolescent boys sing a song called "MmmBop". But whatever. I don't care. I like Hanson and I'll gladly admit it. Granted I'm not a Fanson (= crazy Hanson fan), but I like their music, seeing them perform live and then feeling all excited about it after the fact. And this past weekend was what I called my "Hanson Weekend".

See, it all started on Sat. evening. I had tickets to see them @ the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom with Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, who are another of my absolute favorite bands to see ever!

Hanson when they first came out in '97. Sure, I had their cd, but I'll admit I rarely listened to it. In fact, a few years later, I turned it in for store credit at a local music store, which a few years after that regretted when I bought it all over again. When their second disc came out in '99, I album, 'Underneath' came out in 2004. I liked the first single and bought that album too. Then INow, before I continue, I'm going to give you a little background. I wasn't like really into bought that too (never turned that one in). I liked the singles, but you know, whatever. Then their 3rd found I actually really liked the entire album. I love how their music has grown and evolved (as well as their voices). They were coming to Hampton Beach that summer and my friend, Katie (who was a big fan back in the day), decided to go. Their live show actually ended up blowing me away...they were so good. Not really what I expected at all, but I fell in love with Hanson after that. They added a closer show to me later that summer and I went to that one too. Then in Nov. of 2005, they played Hampton Beach again and Averi (my all-time favorite band) opened. Of course I went!

When I saw them the first time, afterwards, I managed to get Isaac to sign my Underneath cd. Then in 2005, I got Zac to sign it. It felt really incomplete with just 2 out 3 signing it though, so it's been a goal to get Taylor to sign it ever since. When I heard about this most recent Hampton Beach show, I was like, "I'm not leaving till I get Taylor to sign it!". Well, maybe I wasn't that extreme, but I really wanted to get him to sign it. When tickets went on sale, I had mentioned going to the show to my friend, Tiffany, who goes to school at a college in my town and she told me that she would see if she had the money, as she's in love with Kit from the SK6ers (Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers). A day later she called me to say that she heard from a friend on her college's Activities committee that they were trying to get the whole Hanson tour (including Kate Voegele, who was on the tour, but wasn't at the Hampton show) to play a show at their school the following day. I told her to keep me posted and it ended up working out. They booked the entire tour and she was going to be able to get in one guest (me...yay!).

So, back to the weekend. Sat. night I went to the show. They were awesome, as always...and I mean both bands. I headed outside before the encore because I wanted to get as close to the barricade as possible in case Taylor came out to sign afterwards. If he did, I was getting that autograph. Not long after the show, Zac and Isaac came out, but got right on the bus. As I was waiting, I heard a girl next to me say to her friend, "When is the next time we're seeing them?" The friend said Thursday and the girl said, "Oh my God, a week?!?" and the friend said, "Well, 5 days" and then the girl followed with "What are we going to do?". Fansons are the most hardcore fans you'll ever meet...for real.

A while later, Zac and then Isaac came back out to sign...I got some pics of are the best ones...Finally, over an hour after the show, Taylor came out, but at that point, the SK6ers van and equipment trucks were about to leave, so the crowd got a bit shifted. I was nervous that I wasn't going to get Taylor's autograph, but alas, I did! Back in the car, I noticed he signed over Zac, so that kinda sucked. Luckily you can still make out Zac's name. But still. hahaSo, then there was Sunday. I was really excited and hopeful that without all the Fansons, it wouldn't be as crazy and maybe I'd be able to get a picture with them or one of them (preferably all, of course). Kate Voegele performed first. She was really good. I'm a fan of "One Tree Hill", so I was excited to see her. I don't usually care for most female artists, but I dig her music. I'll probably end up buying her cd sooner or later. I got to meet her after and got a pic with her...
After Kate, the SK6ers played and they were amazing. Extra funny. See, when the SK6ers are up on stage, it's like one big party. If you ever get the chance to see them, do so. I got a pic with Stephen and Kit after they performed. Here's that and some other highlight pics...Then there was Hanson. They were just as good as the previous night, if not better. It was nice because the crowd was more relaxed and not as big. Here's a couple of them...
After they were done, I got in line to meet Kate Voegele, as I said. While I was in line, I noticed down by the stage, there was a mini-crowd and then saw that Zac was out there. He was signing and taking pics with people, so I debated whether I should keep waiting for Kate or go over there. I stayed in line, quickly met Kate and then went down. As I was waiting for him to make his way along the barricade, Isaac came out and I was able to get a pic with him. Then Zac finally came around and I was able to get a pic with him as well (I think he's soo cute in my pic!). Here are those...Needless to say, I had a pretty good (and successful) Hanson weekend. I do find it fairly ironic that now the only one I need a pic with is Taylor. But I guess there's always next time...

Be prepared to see some pages about this soon (after I buy new ink to print my pics). Gotta go work on my new Mojo page now. And listen to Hanson some more...hehe. :)


micayla said...

OMH Hanson I soooo remember them. I totally loved I will come to you and even got it on single! I feel all young again!!!

Marie said...

WOW!!! Thats all i can say is wow lol!