Saturday, May 3, 2008

There's nothing worse than a life filled with empty pages.

Especially on National Scrapbooking Day! hehe ;)

Alright, so first, I'm a little behind. I had big plans to get up early, try to participate in all sorts of challenges and just scrap the day away. Alas, I got up at 11AM (thanks to going to a show last night and not going to bed till about 3AM). By the time I had my Dunkin' Donuts (thanks, Timothy!) and took my shower, it was about 2PM. Then I came and took some photos of some recent layouts, which I'll show in a bit, got distracted with making an iTunes playlist specifically for this scrappy occasion (hence the title, although somewhat pointless because I'm only really hearing out of one ear right now thanks to aforementioned show...I managed to stand next to the speaker) and then I had to catch up @ SIStv, although, really I feel like I keep managing to be too late to participate in anything. So, I figure since I'm kinda just flying on my own schedule on this special day, I'll host a giveaway of my own right here, right now! All you have to do...leave a comment on this post by 11:59PM EST tomorrow night (Sunday) telling me what's on your NSD playlist. That's it...that's all...easy right?

Wanna know what you're playing for? How about a gumball embellishment goody pack? I've put together these little gumball containers full of all sorts of fun little embellishments and also included a bunch of different ribbons. Here's a peek...And here's the new layouts I mentioned. Used the papers from my Dozens Monster Pack, designed by the uber-talented Michelle and also some bits from last month's RVKC kit. Of course, they're pictures from my Hanson weekend, haha.I'll leave you with a couple random photos from around my scrappy area today...
Happy NSD everybody! And remember, just leave a comment here by 11:59PM EST tomorrow night for your chance to win the gumball embellishment goody pack! :)



Dori said...

I have a complete random mix of country (Tim McGraw, Jamie O'Neal, Carrie Underwood) Pepper, Danity Kane...lots of stuff to keep me scrappin'!

Lorena said...


Susan Dupre said...

I always love your style - so fresh and funky and you make the cutest little wreaths too. The little gumball things are so adorable. What a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

I love your oranization ideas, I need something for paper and would love your thoughts. Right now it's some John Mayer playing as I scrap.

Lal said...

Well, I haven't gotten any scrapping today either with the kiddos running around. But I have gotten quite a few LOs sketched and packed away for a crop I'll be going to next weekend! Today while I've been in my scraproom, packing up, I've had the radio on KLOVE: Toby Mac, Matthew West, Casting Crows, Nichole Nordeman, Natalie Grant. I love that station! And BTW, I just have to say that I LOVE the pics of your scrap area! So colorful and looks like you have alot of cool stuff....VERY inspiring!

Jill said...

Happy NSD girl!! :]

I had AWESOME intentions to scrap the day away but one thing or another kept distracting me but I'm going to get some layouts done for sure now!

My NSD playlist consists of the new Ashlee Simpson CD & the new Madonna CD!

Hope to see more layouts from you tonight-I love your work!


Suz said...

My space hasn't been too neat today looks more like a storm came thru but I've gotten lots accomplished. Love your blog and glad I saw your post. You have a very fun style.

I'm listening to Bon Jovi - Lost Highway, and watching a lot of live scrapbooking on the web.

Happy NSD!!!! TFS

Bianca said...

My plans for today are of course to scrapbook even for just a little and to finish up the mini album i plan to give my mom for mother's day..

Hope you have a wonderful NSD!!


<3 Bianca

rlemire said...

Happy NSD!!

I love your stash of Love Elsie!! I'm so jealous!!

Heather L

Susie said...

Looks like you have a fun scrappy area thanks for sharing. i like a good mix of music.

*fauve* said...

Happy late INSD sweet!Great layouts,i love Hanson :)Your room looks awesome!

Simona Montanari said...

Happy NSD everybody!!!
Hope you'll scrap all day long and show us in the next days your amazing works ;-)!!!
Hugs from Italy :-)))!

Victoria said...

All I have been listening to is Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion album. It makes me so happy!!!

Michelle said...

I went to Kristi's house so I listened to whatever was on her random itunes list. Sorry you had such a late night the night before but sleeping in every once in a while is ok!

Love the dozens los!

Wendy said...

Happy NSD.
What a great blog you have.
And wat a lovely rak what you give a way.
I found Your blog on two peas.


I had the best NSD EVER! :D Working at the LSS, having demos and make'n'takes.. Chatting with cool people! And then after, heading over to a friends house and scrapping the night away with all of my friends :D loooooves it!