Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Sing. We Dance. We Scrap Things.

Okay, totally just stole from the title of Jason Mraz's newest album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., but I love Mr. A-Z...he the cleverest of all the clever people out there...well, maybe. I don't personally know all the clever people (or Jason Mraz, for that matter), but I'd like to think he is. I haven't picked up the album yet, but I plan to and I have heard clips from it on iTunes and I'm sure I'll love it. Death Cab for Cutie also released a new album today, which I hope to get as well if the funds will be available this week. We shall see.

So, I realized that I haven't shared my LO for the newest Scrap Mojo challenge and really, that's just wrong. This time around the challenge is to recycle an old LO (could be the actual layout, i.e. pulling apart all the pieces, or just pulling inspo from the old one to fit your current style, etc.) in honor of Earth Day and to use 5 of something in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Now, this is due by the 15th of May, which I realize is only 2 days away, but that's still time to put something together, right? Especially the prize package is some super cute tags from Elle's Studio!

So, here is my older layout and my new take:Casino Luck is the old one and I was never happy with the way it came out. I adore this picture of myself and Chad Perrone after first meeting him, it's so special to me and I just felt the LO didn't do it justice at all. The colors and design weren't that great in my eyes and I didn't care for the title. So, I chose to pull inspo from the first LO and rescrap the photo. I used 5 different patterned papers and also used some of the Queen & Co. Felt Fusion ribbon, which I used on the first LO. Good luck to all who decide to play!

I also failed to show my project for the newest Inspired by Amelie challenge. Man, I'm slacking! This was a fun one that I was really able to use my imagination on! All you have to do is include an element of whimsy on your LO or project, i.e. the garden gnome in Amelie, a monster or a fairy, etc. The sky is the limit! This one is due by the 25th of May, so you have a bit more time. The fabulous prize package is some stamps from Kesi Art!I had this spooky tree I got from Michael's on clearance since right after Halloween and couldn't figure out what to do with it until this challenge. I knew it would be perfect, as it kinda had a whimsical feel to it. I also wanted to use these vintage gnome cake toppers that I received in a miniature tin from Shop 66 on Etsy. So, I decided to use those 2 whimsical elements and ended up creating this Whimsical Photo Memory Tree. There is real reindeer moss on the bottom and I covered the trunk with different vintage trims. The mini photos (from a Kodak index print) are on top of little cork board squares.

Because I'm all about sharing, here are a few new things I've made...Used some goodies from the SIStv April Style Phyle Collection "Jim & Pam" and some KI Pop Culture Hip Chip shapes on this. It's me and my friend, Katie, in our custom made t-shirts with Matt Lydon and Chad Perrone (then of Averi) after a show. Fun night! This was in the spring of '05. I miss those days!Lucky me, I got sick on Valentine's Day, but aside from the runny nose, it wasn't so bad. And the Kahlua Chocolates from Tim were absolutely yummy!
This is Tim and his brand new Goddaughter! Lots of bits on here, new and old. Kinda tried to keep it fun and baby-ish, without being overwhelmingly baby-ish.And finally here are 2 Mother's Day cards I made, with lots of vintage stuff on them. One was for my Mom and one for my Great-Grandmother. I made a few others as well, but didn't get to take any pictures of them unfortunately.

Alright, I'm gonna call it a night. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and don't forget to participate in those challenges! :)


*fauve* said...

wow you busy girl!Love it all so much.Your style is fantastic :)

Marie said...

EVERYTHING is beautiful!!!

Jessica said...

omg lindsey!! i drooled all over my keyboard from all your goodies!!!!

Michelle said...

WOW! I have admired your amelie tree for quite some time. All your projects are beauties. You have been so busy with fun stuff!