Friday, July 18, 2008


Saw "the Dark Knight" this afternoon. Wow. Just wow. I'm not going to even attempt to review it, as I'm not a reviewer and I think it's something that if you're remotely interested in, you really just need to see for yourself. Heath was amazing. Eerie mannerisms, lots of crazy, strangely sad, even funny. I felt the urge to cry as the movie began, but I held it back. I did cry when I read the dedication and lots after getting home. As I mentioned previously, I didn't know him personally, but it feels strange and wrong that he's not here.
The Dark Knight - Screen Capture 05
*Capture credit to AshDigitalis on FlickR.

In other news, last week, I hit up my local Goodwill. Imagine my joy when I scored 3 HUGE bags of various old craft supplies, most likely all originating from the same source. There was all sorts of stuff in them, tons of lace, faux flowers, some other random bits like these fabulous angel head picks...
And this super cute bunny pic...And these tiny deer that I've seen online here and there and have always wanted!Plus, check out these cool heart floral picks...Totally scored! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the bags before I scoured through them. Seriously, there was sooo much stuff though. More lace and stuff than I actually really have room for. And because of that, I'm listing some of it in my Etsy shop to share with others like myself who appreciate that type of stuff, along with some other destash items (I had to go through my the rest of my stash to condense and make room for the new stuff!). I listed for like the whole entire evening and night yesterday, a couple things this morning and I've still got more to list.

I was actually debating listing it all, as I'm not wanting to run a supply shop at all, but I think some of this stuff is so cool and as I said, I know some like-minded crafter (who hopefully has more room than I do) will be able to put it to good use. Anyways, here's some of what I've got listed...
I also plan on listing some new Heartfelt Wall Hangings in the coming days. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the next day. Here's a sneaky peek!Thanks to all who congratulated me on the pub. It's much appreciated, really.

Must be getting ready to head to bed soon. Work early. Always fun!

Happy weekend everyone!


Joy said...

The Hubbs and I went to the movie this was too dark for my taste, I liked the last one better...too much I had to cover my eyes for in this one!

Babydoll said...

I can't wait to see the movie!! I heard it was excellent. Looks like you got a load of goodies at Goodwill. You know, I never thought about shopping there for crafting supplies! :) Thanks for the tip.
Stop by my place...I'm hosting a give away.

micayla said...

OOH looking forward to see what you create with you coolio finds, I love those deers too, so retro!!

Melissa said...

Congrats on being published!!! And yay for the fun crafty finds! I'll have to check out your etsy store!

Have a great week!

TracyP said...

Lindsey You crack me up with all your vintage finds!!! I am completely jealous!!!! LOL
I feel the same about "The Dark Knight." Re-phrase! Well I haven't seen it going tomorrow but I will feel the same way! LOL

Marie said...

Ohhh that is sooo cool!