Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Mojo.

The new Scrap Mojo challenge is up! This time around, you have to use a title from a "School House Rocks" episode (there's a list provided on the Mojo page) and glitter! I chose 'Ready or Not...Here I Come' because I found it fitting for where I'm at right now. And I used glitter AC Thickers...yay! The fabulous GDT is Cindy Ellen Russell and the prize is from Coordinates Collections. Go check it out's due Aug. 30th! :)

Oh, and do you remember in a post or 2 ago I mentioned that I found a quilt I LOVED at Urban This is it...So, after I saw this quilt, I figured it would be PERFECT for the new room. My old comforter has had it (starting to rip at the seams) and I thought it might be nice to get a plain white comforter and then just throw the quilt over it when not sleeping. And, because the rug in the room is a pink/mauve-ish color, I figured the pinks in the quilt would go well with the rug and also, with the black in the quilt, it would go well with all of my existing black accents that I've picked up over the years. And I thought it would be feminine, but not TOO feminine, so it would be fitting with Tim moving in as well...PERFECT, I tell you....PERFECT!

That night, I checked the availability and they were in stock...YAY! But, they were also $140.00 and with the move so close, I didn't want to chance buying it now and then with the change of address, possibly disappearing. So, I figured I'd wait till we got in to the new house. Makes sense, right?

But then, glitch in my big plan. The very NEXT morning, I go back on to look at it and what's this...OUT OF STOCK! I panic...I was going to base everything off was going to tie everything together! Then I think, maybe it's just out of stock and it will come back. I'll give it a few days. I've been checking every day since and no luck. This morning I decide to email them and just see if they know if they'll get any more in and if so, when...I really want this damn quilt. So, I get home from work and I have an email waiting that says, "We will not be restocking this quilt. Sorry for the disappointment." Say what?!? No, they HAVE to restock this quilt. I'm so upset. I mean, not like end of the world upset, but upset in the way that I had this amazing vision and now it's completely gone. Dude. For real. I should have bought it that night and taken my chances.

Anyways, in other news, I have been listening to the Backstreet Boys non-stop since the concert and I went back to work yesterday from vacation (blah!) and still packing and moving, packing and moving...the big move is the 29th, so I may be out of touch for a little while soon. And that's my update.

Anyone else think it's totally starting to feel like fall? The temperature has really cooled off here in the Northeast and the leaves are changing already! Crazy!!


Marie said...

the page and the quilt are wonderful!!

Genevieve said...

Sucks about the quilt, I hate it when stuff like that happens!!

Also, it's totally starting to feel like Fall up here too in NS...cooler and I saw a few little leaves changing...I can't wait for it though, I love fall so much, especially up here, we are SO lucky, I think Fall in the Northeast is the prettiest ever!