Monday, August 25, 2008

Your face.

So, my friend, Alyssa, from work told me a few months back that the ultimate comeback insult is "your face!". Like, for example, if someone tells you you suck, you just turn around and say "Yeah, well your face sucks!" or if someone tells you to hurry up, you say, "Your face should hurry up!". I mean, you can go on and on with this. It's amazing. It will change your life. Like I said, it's a few months later and I'm still "your face"-ing everybody. Thank you, Alyssa.

In other news, it's getting emptier and emptier around these parts. Check out some pics of my room from the other day...And these were actually taken before I moved all my craft supplies over (which took a whole car load and a half). It's SUPER empty now. But that's good. 4 days left and I can't WAIT to be out of here. Did I mention that I've still been finding suspicious spots on my car? A couple weeks ago, I noticed someone scratched the heck out of my back driver's side hubcap (but only on certain spokes) and then I caught the kid upstairs trying to put something spikey under my tire, although he didn't think it was sharp enough to puncture (this is what I heard him say through my window) and then I found a little dent on the top of my roof and just yesterday, I noticed there was a big scrap on my driver's side mirror that wasn't there the night before. It just doesn't seem like a coincidence to me. I also found a cat sitting on my roof the other morning. Now, that probably was a coincidence.

So, I got my Dozens kit, Dress My Nest, the other day. LOVE IT! I had sooo much fun playing with it! So many cool things in there...especially the woodgrain Dymo tape. Like, oh my God, I'm in love! The unfortunate thing was I had a ton more ideas and could have done a bunch more with it, but my time was limited because of the moving and right after I was done, I had to pack up all my supplies. Hopefully, when we're settled a bit, I'll be able to play again. I mean, here's a pic of all I had left AFTER making 3 layouts, plus a project...Seriously. I keep saying it...sooo much stuff! Here's a little sneak of one of the LOs (hopefully Dana won't mind me showing you!)...And I signed up for Facebook. All the cool kids are doing it and I'll admit it, I felt a little left out. Did the same thing with MySpace when it became popular. Resisted and then finally caved. I do love the Pieces of Flair though...decorating my board is the tops! Especially since with everything all packed up, I've had nothing else to do late at night,'s the current state of my Flair board...So, that's all for now. Hope everyone is well!


TracyP said...

WOW!! Your room is empty! That sucks about your car, hopefully in your new place you will not have that problem! Enjoy your move:)..I know I hate moving!!
Happy Labor Day Linds:):):)

*Fauve* said...

Your blog is so much fun!I love the your face thing,gotta try that 1!