Friday, September 5, 2008

All moved in!

Yep, we're all moved in. Been in here a week today. Yippee yay yay! It's been great (although, I only wish I didn't have to work and could spend all day, everyday decorating and unpacking! hehe)...there's so much I want to share and show you all, but, I'm not prepared. I haven't taken any photos, things aren't finished...and I don't want to tell without visual aids,, alas, house-y stuff will have to wait for now, but it hopefully should be worth your wait!

And thanks to all who have wished me's so nice and peaceful here. I'm so exhausted though, from moving, from working while trying to move, from's just a different kind of tired. Before, I was exhausted and I think that was more from stress than anything (and mold...yes, we had mold, another really important reason to get out), but now, it's more just a "Whew!" tired, you know?

I do want to share my new Mojo and Dozens layouts with you though!

The new Mojo challenge went up today...yippee! Use a bumper sticker (or bumper sticker-inspired) saying and something with plastic...all plastic, partially plastic, made with get my drift. Miss Heather (aka Metrochic on SIStv) is our lovely GDT and you're playing for some awesome tags from Shabby Chic Crafts! Here's my take...Yes. I scrapped my dirty laundry...quite literally. I don't know...something about it inspired my, haha. I'm weird, period, end of story. These are due on the 15th of Sept., so get started soon! :)

And the full Dozens gallery reveal was yesterday. This "Dress My Nest" kit was AMAZING! All the woodgrain, yellow, fabulous fabric...oh. my. God.! I fell in love instantly. And as I think I showed you before, I made a bunch of stuff and had a ton left! I think I'm going to use some of the leftover fabric on a room project soon. Now look, I'm getting ahead of myself...I need to show you what I already made before I start going on about future ideas...duh! haha...

Here's the first LO...My Mom came across this in one of the closets in our old house. Obviously, I was an artist back then...writing on the walls, haha. At least it was seriously IN the closet, where you couldn't see. We actually left it there too. Couldn't bear to get rid of it. Funny thing is, I've always been obsessed with signing my name. Seriously. When I covered my school books in paper bags, I would always, always by the end of the year have every inch of those bags covered in a signed "Lindsay". Even now, if you put a blank piece of paper in front of me with some sort of writing utensil...I'll just sign over and over again. My Mom calls me vain. I say I was born to sign autographs. hehe ;)

Here's the next...This is the carpet in the new house. Yep. Pink. Didn't I tell you? With the wallpaper border gone though and everything in here, I'm getting used to it. I guess it's not so bad, and it was perfect with Michelle's fabulous cut-out paper!

And another...What can I say? I really loved my barn sale loot and this kit was perfect to scrap it with! I used the chipboard negative of one of the little houses as a journaling block. And I have some of the barn sale stuff up in the new room...yay!

Check out these Little Love Nests I made with the chipboard houses...These were SO fun to make! I knew right away I had to use the houses as little ornaments or wall hangings...all I did was trace the back, cut out the paper (or fabric, as I used on one), Mod Podge it on, cut out the windows and doors with my X-Acto knife, lightly sand the edges and then add in some the woodgrain Dymo letters in the windows to spell some love-related words, attach some yarn and ribbon for hanging, embellish as desired and add a little index print photo of me and Tim in the door...voila! Easy and fun!

Anyways, as much as I'd love to share a bit more right now, I'm super tired...been up since 6am the past 3 mornings and have to be up again at the same time tomorrow for work. And it was super hot last night, so Tim tossed and turn all night long, therefore I didn't get any sleep, haha...oh well.

More soon, I promise. And please fill me in on what you all have been up to. I feel like I've been absent for weeks! Eee! :)

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