Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Say Hello To My Little Post.

Actually, the quote is "Say hello to my little friend"...it's "The Godfather", right? I think, haha. Never saw it, but I know the quote, who doesn't? Although, I must admit, when I hear it, I think of Jessica Simpson on "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" trying to say it. Anyways...

ETA: Apple left a comment and informed me the quote is from "Scarface"...see? No idea. Not my type of movie. Either one of them. I do believe "The Godfather" was "Go to the mattresses" and I know that because of "You've Got Mail". "You've Got Mail"...now, that's my type of movie! Haha...thanks, Apple! :)

This is what the new challenge up at Scrap Mojo is based on. Use the quote, some way, somehow, on your page or project and also use a book page. You're playing for a super fabulous kit from Red Velvet Kit Club...oh yeah! Check out Mojo for more details.

Here's my take on the challenge...I just HAD to use my favorite little Mexican puppet man on this one...I name him Senior Jose L. Camino...partly because I love the way Brad Pitt said "El Caminooooo!" in the movie, "The Mexican". So, that's kinda how you have to say it. My Great-Grandmother gave him to me...she got him in Mexico in the '60s I believe. I cherish him and he watches over me while I sleep with his little gun in hand (see? how could I NOT use him for this page? hehe)... the little pin he's wearing is actually of a local band out of Boston called Stepanian. They're nifty.

That's all for now. More soon, I promise, including some super good personal news! Hoping to get time to share within the next day or two, so check back, yo! :)

Hope you're all well,


Apple said...

The quote's from Scarface! I thought for sure you'd know because of your super cute layout, with the little hispanic doll.

TracyP said...

Hahahah I haven't heard that Quote in like Foreva!!! This LO is really cute Lindsey:)

Dana said...

loved this when I saw it on SIS.. you have such a great eye for using embellies!