Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Moving!

Yep. That's the "big" news I mentioned in my previous post. Official moving day is Aug. 29th. It's about time. It will be nice to be able to leave my car unattended outside and not constantly worry if something is happening to it. Right now, we're in the middle of packing. Of course, once I get a chance, I'll take a pic of the place and tell you all about it, but today, I want to share some of my recent thrifted finds. Yay for thrifting! :)

So, I went to Goodwill twice (okay, 3 times) in the past couple weeks. With moving, I've been looking for neat little things I might want to decorate with. Well, just neat things period. It's really becoming quite the addiction, I tell ya! So, the first time, I found this super retro West Bend canister cool. Can't you just see this being used to store supplies in?Then, I found these amazingly FABULOUS bird mugs...I scored these for 99 cents each!I found these few other pieces...
The silhouette picture is actually on linen and the other picture is all plastic...frame, picture and all.

A few days later, I went with my friend, Katie. She found a sweater and some bead necklaces. I found some old lace (not pictured) and these lovely little hummingbirds...I just love the pink and red with the greens!I also found this vintage Mikasa creamer and yellow SO much lately!But, my most favorite find of the trip was this huge glass owl jar!I saw this when I went the time before, but it was $24.99 and I wasn't really sure if I should buy it for that much. Then, after I came home, I was thinking how cool it was and that I could actually store lace or buttons or something in it, so I was tempted to go back the next day, but then I said, no, the next time I go, if it's still there, I'll pick it up.

When I went with Katie, guess what was still there...I picked it up immediately, but the best part, which I didn't realize till I got up to the had a red ticket and everything with a red ticket on this particular day was 50% off! So, it cost me a total of $12.49 plus tax! And this thing is heavy too...probably close to like 10 lbs.! Gotta love Goodwill...

And...after yesterday, I completely ADORE barn sales! My Grandmother dragged me to this barn sale up in the country. I was hesitant because so far I haven't had much luck with yard sales or garage sales and sometimes feel as though I'm invading people's personal space. But, then she knew how to get me...she tells me the ad says "Vintage and antiques". Damn. I had to go then. So, we get there, we walk into this dirty, dusty, filthy old barn and it's FILLED with treasures! Everything was for sale and everything was everywhere! Unfortunately it was almost the end of it and they only had 2 bags left to hold stuff, so I couldn't really dig around too much (there were piles of books and boxes) without dropping my stuff and with all the other people, I didn't trust putting it down. I did find some cool gems in there though...everything was caked in dirt and like I said, everywhere (I think if I ever went to an estate sale, it might feel like this, just maybe less dirty) and nothing had prices, so I was kinda hesitant to pick up some stuff I was somewhat unsure of for fear that I was going to have a hundred dollars worth of stuff in my hand without enough cash to pay for it. So, my Grandmother and I have all this stuff and the lady says to us, "Ummm...for all of it...maybe $10 or is that too much?". Uh, hello, SOLD!

This is just about everything...Look at all the wonderfulness!There were old Christmas ornaments...Vintage Ohio Art Co. trays still in there original packaging and a turn-of-the-century Goodwin Pottery Co. vase...Vintage gift wrap...look at those prints!A 1958 Mrs. Leland's Butter Bits tin...I just love the colors and print!A Vintage Pyrex Snowflake dish and small casserole dish and much more!
I want to go back so badly. Now, I'm thinking of all these things I saw and should have picked up, darn it! Seriously, I just got the greatest thrill from digging through all that junk! Of course, then my boyfriend goes, "You're trying to pack and you keep bringing home more stuff!". He just doesn't get it, hehe!

Here's a couple cards I is for my Mom's 50th birthday (which is today...happy birthday, Mom!) and one was for my boyfriend's sister-in-law's baby shower (which was also today)...Oh, and the new Inspired by Amelie challenge is up! Scrap your likes and can do so much with this challenge, so don't forget to check out the blog for more info. FYI, it's due Aug. 21st. Here was my take...And did you see the Dozens "Dress My Nest" sneak peek? Ooh, I can't wait to play with my kit! And Kerry Lynn Yeary is the guest DT. I know she'll create much loveliness with this! I only hope my kit arrives soon and not too close to moving day! I'm holding off packing my scrap supplies until the last possible minute, haha...

Anyways, that's all for's probably enough, right? I haven't overloaded you, have I? haha :)

Hope you're all well!


kramer_buffy said...

omg lindsay,
you hit the freaking JACKPOT!!! everything is soooo cool!!!! btw. never heard of barn sales... I guess there are not many barns around here... LOL!!!!!

and the owl... and the yellow cup and creamer... OMG... and the snowflake pyrex.... you lucky dog!

TracyP said...

WOW!!! You did very well:)...I never have any Luck at Goodwill:(..LOL
However I do have tons of Luck at Estate Sales! I have an inside edge:):):LOL
I absolutely adore those two little Hummingbirds and the Vintage wrap:)

Happy Moving!!!

Genevieve said...

AWESOME finds chicky!! Love all that stuff, I went to a similar antiques/barn sale type thing and I was in LOVE, for real, it's the greatest feeling finding unique treasures...all these things will look amazing in your new place! Can't wait to see pics :) Love the scrappies too!

shelly b said...

lots of great finds!!! great LO's!