Friday, August 15, 2008

Sneak Peeks!

Hello all!

Just wanted to share a quick peek of some Christmas things I've been working on for my Etsy shop this holiday season! :) There's many more button wreath ornaments too, but I can't show them all. Well, I could, but I'm in a teasing mood today...hehe! Hoping to work on some other things as well, maybe tags, cards, etc. It's all going to depend if I can tear myself away from decorating after the move...haha. I plan on adding things starting in September to get a jump on the Christmas season. We'll see how that works out.

Speaking of the move earlier, we've gotten a lot of stuff cleared out of here already...brought TONS of stuff to Goodwill. I told myself I can't shop there for a bit because I'm apt to see the stuff I sent there and I might be tempted to buy it back, lol. I've got all sorts of decor ideas in my head...of course, a lack of budget to support most. I do have my eye on a particular quilt from Urban Outfitters. Figured it would go well with the pink rug that's already in the room (yes, there's a PINK rug...but I can deal, for now, haha). We're going to repaint the bedrooms (there's also a hideous floral wallpaper border down the center of the room) and I've got 2 double I'll be sharing with Tim for clothes and whatnot and the other is going to be a craft closet, so I can keep all my extra stuff, paper organizer, etc. in there. There's not as much space in the room as I have right now, so I'm looking for a new desk that will accommodate my laptop and be a good place to get my craft on. Right now I've got a small desk and I work off of my Mom's old card table. I haven't taken many pictures lately...of anything! I need to though. Will keep you posted!

Hope you're all well!

ps. BACKSTREET BOYS tomorrow! Woo hoo! hehehe

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Genevieve said...

Oh Lindsay, you will LOVE the BSB concert, I went 2 weekends ago and it was THE BEST, really. They played all the songs I wanted them to, and then some I had forgotten about...but still remembered every word to once they started singing! They sound awesome live, and put on a good show (some dancing, maybe 50%)...I'd go again in a heartbeat. Enjoy :) Have fun with your move too!