Monday, October 13, 2008

12 years.

Today marks 12 years since my Father passed away. Seems every year at this time it's always such a typical overcast fall day. It's almost comforting.

I thought I'd re-share a much older layout I made about him. He was the best Dad. So loving, so caring. So protecting. The time when he was here almost feels like a whole other lifetime for me. And really, it was. I imagine that his passing was probably the point by which my childhood ending could be defined. I'm sure it's why a part of me never wants to grow up, never take that next step into adulthood. His passing is something I still deal with today. It's left me with some intense fears about death that I constantly struggle with internally. It's why I can't really watch horror movies or medical shows or the news. But I do deal. And I try to create and surround myself with pretty, fun, colorful things and happiness.

I miss him.


Christina C. said...

my thoughts and best wishes are with you. hugs.

Victoria said...

Sending hugs from Texas

jenny holiday said...

Sending love from the Jersey Shore.

xoxo Jenny Holiday
(a fan of your work)