Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some stuff.

Hello, hello! I've been meaning to post everyday for the past few days, but I've been on a vacation of sorts from work, which has actually been really, really nice. No moving, no stress...lovely. I've spent some time at Goodwill, the flea market, too much time eating out, but hey, IHOP's Pumpkin pancakes are not to be missed! Haven't really had any time to craft or scrap, as I've been constantly on the go. And speaking of scrapping, I have yet to share my latest Dozens and ScrapMojo projects with you. Shame, shame!

So, here are my Dozens layout with the kit "Rainbow Nerds"...and yes, this kit was just as bright and fun as it sounds!And here's my layout for the latest Mojo challenge, scrap about Halloween costume or a favorite Halloween movie/show and make your own embellishment...went a little nuts with the lace on this one, woops! :)Also, a big welcome the newest gal to join the Mojo team, Dani Johnston (aka Danilouwho on SIS)...her style is so fun, so I'm excited to see her on board! Don't forget to stop by the Mojo blog and welcome her. Also, don't forget, projects/layouts for this challenge are due on the 20th!

I mentioned spending some time thrifting, which means that I have to show you what I found! Of course! Excitement abounds, hehe!

Here's my score from one day of thrifting at a local thrift shop and the Salvation Army...The trays, lace, buttons, zipper, bias tape and embroidery thread were all from the local thrift shop, while the fabric (blue and white striped), plastic lace hearts (that are a bit warped...anyone have any remedies for that?), fun pink beaded necklace and framed piece of embroidery were from the Salvation Army. The best part was that most of what I got at the Salvation Army was all half price!

Yesterday, I ventured to the Flea Market. Didn't find too much. Saw a few pieces that I liked, but the prices were way too high and people didn't seem in the bargaining mood. I did however make out like a bandit in the button department! I saw this old tin just filled with buttons, most of which looked like rhinestone buttons and boy, do I love those! I figured he was going to tell me they were like, I don't know, 5 buttons for a dollar or something like that, but to my surprise, when I asked he told me a VERY fair price for the WHOLE tin!!! Of course, I took them. They were all in good shape too. I'm assuming they're vintage.And, they don't all fit in the container I put them in, so what I'm probably going to do is make up a few packs and share them in my Etsy shop soon. I think it's time for some destashing anyway. I can't even get to anything in my craft closet because I have so much stuff. Yikes!

Here's a few pics of my craft table taken late last night. See what I mean?Oh, also check out the new Inspired by Amelie challenge. It went up the other day and the prize is awesome! I took a break for this round, but I'll hopefully be back in the swing of things next time! :)

I think that's all for now. Hope everyone is well!


~Vicki~ said...

ooh loving those layouts, i NEED that kit!!! lol. I cannot believe the gorgeous stuff you get from thrift stores etc, totally lush and inspiring!!!

Babydoll said...

Great pages!! I've always loved your style. Great thrift store finds too! :)