Friday, October 3, 2008

It feels like fall.

Cool air, leaves changing, pumpkins on door steps. Love it. For now. Not when winter's here, of course.

My favorite part of fall is the pumpkins...I love pumpkins and anything pumpkin-flavored. Coffee, cappuccino, cheesecake, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies...yum! Of course, one of my most favorite things...Pumpkin soft serve ice cream with hot fudge from Dairy Joy...heaven in a little dish, I swear. I also really like gourds. Not to eat, but to look at. They're so fun, different, I love the feel of them and how shiny they are. When I was little, I remember my Father taking me apple picking at a local orchard. They had a little store/bakery and when we'd go, he'd always take me in there after. We'd get apple cider, some pastries and my favorite, some gourds. Fond memory.

And with fall, comes Halloween. My favorite part of, not the candy! :) The Halloween kids shows, duh! I'm such a big kid. A part of me will forever be 10 years old. Seriously though, give me "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", "A Garfield Halloween" and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens' "Double Double Toil and Trouble" and I'm a happy camper. Also, any of the early "Roseanne" Halloween eps. Not that that is a kid's show, but I used to watch it as a kid, so same category. Not really. But kind of.

Speaking of Halloween, I made this fun little Home Sweet Haunted Home wall hanging.It's part of my Home Sweet Home series. I also made this one as well, although it has nothing to do with Halloween...The Halloween one is up for sale in my Etsy shop as we speak. I'm keeping the other. In fact, it's residing on the wall next to my bulletin board above my desk now. Here's a pic...Here's a peek at some shelves I have up, holding some of my collection of vintage/thrifted/random items. The little baseball boy was from Shop 66 on Etsy and the Simpsons blind box figures are from Kid Robot. Also, the shelves are not hung on the wall crooked. I just took the picture crooked.

Went to Goodwill the other day. I hadn't been in a bit. Money has been tight, but I just couldn't resist as I drove by it. I had to pull in. Found some lovelies too!Look at that Pyrex Friendship 1 qt. casserole dish...what a beauty! Somehow I've managed to start collectiong Pyrex. I can't help it, the dishes just call out to me. I've decided I'm going to keep collecting it and one day when I have a kitchen to call my own, I'm pretty sure they'll look really cool all displayed together.

As for the silhouette and small oval pictures, I'm not sure of the maker or date...they appear vintage, but there's absolutely no markings on them. Vintage or not, I love them. Same goes for the little red glass creamer. It's got a lot of character. Has some scratches and markings, but I dig it. The blue mug is by Corning. I adore the color! I really love my local Goodwill!

Has anyone watched the new "90210"? I have to admit that I have. Now, I was so mixed beforehand. I watched the original from the beginning, I basically grew up on it...I was seriously like 5 years old. Flipping through the channels, came across this show and it had this guy waking up to one of those Felix the cat I kept it on because I like the clock. That was the first episode. My Mom and I watched it from then on till the end in 2000. When we started hearing about this remake, we were both like yeah right, we won't watch that. And then we heard Jenni Garth was coming back and Shannen Doherty (not that we ever liked her or her character, but still), so it was a bit intriquing. I decided to watch the first episode just to see what it was like and see how they were going to bring Brenda back and yeah. A few episodes later, I'm still watching it. They got me, they sucked me in, because, you see, what they started to do is give little tidbits of information and raise questions about the original characters. So, for someone who watched the original series, you're clearly curious as to how these fictional friends of yours turned out. And then you have to tune in next week to see the answer to that question and then that raises another question and by the time you realize, now you're legitmitally watching the show. Now, I know all the new characters and the plotlines and everything. So, like I said, I got sucked in. I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks about, if you've seen it, please, I'd like to hear your opinions. :)

I have to show you Tim's new little nephew, Trot...he's so adorable! He's a little over a week old...we went to see him at Tim's parents' house yesterday evening for a bit...look how cute!Here's a new LO I made about Tim and his goddaughter, Lily...I LOVE this photo of them! This was from a few months ago and I'm just getting around to scrapping it, haha...Anyways, I think that's it for're probably tired of reading, right? Hope everyone is well...until next time,


TheresaK said...

I just love all the thrifted items you found!!!! love the little houses you made!!!

Genevieve said...

You SOO have my taste in thrifted items! I would have picked up all of the things I've seen you pick up along the way, I'm uber jealous!

Also, we share the same love of Halloween kid's shows, haha. I LOVE It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Garfield Halloween, and I also watch the Nightmare Before Christmas like 4 times and all the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horrors...Halloween is the best :)

Lindsey said...

Even my hubbie is watching 90210 with me. What is it?!

Love the new page. So sweet.

Lindsey said...

oh my gosh. i am totally going to make hubbie one of those Christmas Story ornaments...he will die!! Thanks for the idea. i will let you know how it turns out.

Where in the world do you find the flea markets you go to? I never see stuff as cool as what you find! :)