Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I miss those lovely days of summer...

It's been extremely cold lately. Frost on the windows. I hate it. I had been parking in the garage, so it didn't really bother me until the garage door motor went kaput this past week. So, no garage for me, especially since I'm too weak to pull it open. Then, I got out of work on Black Friday to find a thin layer of ice coating my car, which no big deal usually, although this night I was on a mission to rush out and find a copy of "Eclipse". I had just finished "New Moon" the night before Thanksgiving (big mistake, as no stores were actually open on Thanksgiving and I was dying to continue reading Edward and Bella's story) and I was bound and determined to track down the next novel. I ordered "Breaking Dawn" from Overstock.com, but knew it would be a bit before I got it, so I decided to buy "Eclipse" in stores. Back to the ice...like I said, no big deal, but you see I was in a hurry and then when I reached into my back seat for my scrapper, it wasn't there. I checked my trunk. No scrapper. Are you kidding me? I couldn't fathom where my scrapper would go to, barring it grew legs and arms and escaped from my always-locked car on its own accord. But alas, no scrapper. So, I waited. Waited for my car to heat up and the ice to melt off.

Finally, I was off to Target. No books...at all, with the exception of a single copy of "Twilight". Not helpful. To Wal-Mart. Lots of "Twilight", a few "Breaking Dawn", which I just ordered, as I said. Not helpful either. Finally I ended up 2 towns over, after battling lots of black ice, at the nearest Sam's Club. Yes, they had "Eclipse", thank God! Not many left, but I got mine and that's all I cared about. At the same time, I purchased a scrapper, since you know, mine escaped. Luckily for me, this scrapper/snow brush is 10 times better than my last one...I adore it! And, my Mother figured out that my scrapper must have disappeared when I had it in the body shop to take care of the vandalism remnants. They had also cleaned the entire inside of my vehicle...apparently too well, as they must have cleaned my scrapper right on out of there.

I feel better knowing, or assuming to know, what happened to it. I still don't like the cold though. And that's why I made this...Inspired by some Jason Mraz lyrics, of course. Thought it would be perfect hanging in someone's home, helping to battle those winter blues. In the shop now.

Speaking of the "Twilight" saga. Last night marked the 3rd time I've seen the movie. I've come to terms with the fact that I must clearly have a borderline obsessive personality. And if it's obsessing over Rob Pattinson and Edward Cullen, clearly that's healthy, right? haha. At least I can honestly say I saw the movie each time with someone different and never once went alone. Not that that would be bad, though it might signal that I need some help, haha. I finished "Eclipse" last night...I enjoyed it so much more than "New Moon", though probably not as much as "Twilight". I'm an Edward Cullen kind of girl. No Jacob Black. Although, I do believe if Edward wasn't so...Edward, in another story, I may not mind Jacob Black. Alas, he irritates me because I feel we could have so much more Edward if he wasn't around. Now comes the hard part though, I still haven't received "Breaking Dawn" in the mail and I'm still sane enough that I refuse to buy it a second time in stores just so I can read it now. Waiting is awful though. And it's being shipped by USPS Media Mail, which I believe can take FOREVER! Grr. I also downloaded the "Twilight" movie soundtrack on iTunes. Love it. Seriously. Some good stuff on there, but make sure if you get it, you get the version with the bonus tracks. Not sure if that's just available on iTunes or not.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Filled with lots of family and good food, I hope. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year. Perfect house for it now. I made place cards for the table...And we took our first ever family portrait...And my Great-Grandmother tried to box my boyfriend with oven mitts. Don't ask.Oh! How do you like the new blog banner? Figured it was time for a change. Plan on making a new Etsy one as well.

I have lots of crafty business to attend to. Not sure where to get started, but know I need to start somewhere. I will leave you with some eye candy though.

First, saw this video for Jason Mraz's "Make It Mine". This is why I love Mraz. Seriously.

And well, Rob Pattinson, ladies...*sigh*.Happy Tuesday!


TheresaK said...

love the new blog header! I gotta make me a new one!! Pretty wall sign!!!

Vanessa said...

oh we share the same love fore Mraz...he is beautiful!
those place cards are awesome!

Genevieve said...

You are toooo cute!! Love how obsessed you are about Twilight, and not afraid to admit it! That's how I am with LOST, it's great :) Love the blog header too!!

Cherry Runway said...

I love the header too, did you make it on Photoshop?

So cute!!

Also, i think the picture of your grandma is JUST AWESOME. :)

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