Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm still here...

For real. I am. A little MIA, but still here, haha. The past few weeks have been a bit strange. Pretty much over the awful cold, although the occasional cough is still lingering. Took a while to get over it. Lots of rest, orange juice and "Brothers and Sisters" the complete seasons 1 & 2 were involved, as well as "Bones" season 3.

The time I did spend on the computer was spent relentlessly uploading my library of music to my new iPod. Still not quite finished...but almost there. Here's just a fraction of what it looked like near my desk...That pretty much sums up the past few weeks. It's been nice, just kinda chill out.

Needless to say, I hardly made anything. One of the last things I felt like doing was leaving the comfort of my bed (or the couch) for my closet. That sounds weird, right? haha Before I came down with the awful bug, I did manage to get the last Mojo challenge done. And by last I mean the one before the one that debuted yesterday. I know. I'm behind! Anyways, here's that one...scrap a New Years tradition and include buttons...check check!Speaking of the one that debuted yesterday...Scrap your inner superhero and tear something. I actually didn't scrap my inner superhero, but my great-grandmother's instead. Love this pic of her and Tim from Thanksgiving. My great-grandmother is a total character! She keeps telling Tim she'll hurt him if he ever hurts me...she demonstrated Thanksgiving Day with oven mitts! Wacky, I tell ya!

This one is due Jan. 30th, so don't waste any will be here before you know it! Oh, and you'll be playing for a prize package from Riff Raff Designs, so like I said, get to it! :)

Haven't really updated my Etsy shop too much. I few weeks ago I did make up a few packs of these Sweetheart Vintage Rhinestone Button Packs, in honor of Valentine's Day. I've only got 2 of these packs left currently. Not sure if I'll make up any more packs. I'm finding it harder and harder to part with these!I was hoping to have lots of other goodies available for V-Day, but the bug set me behind and at this point, I don't think it's going to happen, unfortunately. I hope to have a bunch of other everyday-type goodies made soon though! Will have to concentrate on that now that I'm all caught up with my "Brothers and Sisters" seasons! Anyone else love that show??

Must go now. "Lost" returns tonight! YAY! Have been so looking forward to this (and "24", of course!). More soon...


Vanessa said...

those buttons are so sweet!

i added all my CDs to my computer over the summer and it took FOR.EVER!!! but so nice when its all done!

TheresaK said...

eep! love those buttons!!!
oh , and yes, I love brothers & Sisters too!!