Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twilight Cupcake Toppers

Hello all!

Just wanted to share that my "Twilight" Cupcake Toppers were featured on the Bake It Pretty blog today!So exciting! Amanda has THE best selection of cupcake, cake and candy supplies! Definitely the place to go for that stuff! You can find the feature about movie-inspired cupcakes here.

Also, for anyone interested, I happen to have some handmade toppers leftover from my Twilight cupcake party. For info, please send an email to - fyi, I have Bella available as well as Edward.

Hope everyone is anyone else scared by this whole flu thing? Eek! I'm such a worrier and at times I really stress out over things. I tend to go over that whole "but what if" in my head all the time. I definitely need to work on stopping that! Wish me luck! :)


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Anonymous said...

I've seen those cupcake toppers-they are "sparkly" fun!
We were supposed to fly to Mexico yesterday and I cancelled our trip. I hear ya! That flu is scary!!!