Saturday, May 2, 2009

100 posts and 5 layouts.

This marks my 100th post. Sorry, I have no fanfare, no confetti. To be truthful, I wasn't even planning on posting today, but then I realized this morning thanks to some scrappy Facebook friends and their status updates that today is National Scrapbooking Day. I haven't scrapbooked all day. I guess that's what happens when I've been more into other crafts and less scrapbooking lately. Ah well.

Anyways, in honor of today and 100 posts, I'm sharing some layouts that have been sitting in my Pictures folder for awhile now waiting for who knows what. For descriptions on the individual layouts (because as mentioned, I wasn't planning on posting and I'm keeping this short...must head to bed soon, for work shall call early in the AM), please see my FlickR feed or any of my galleries on the listed scrapbooking sites to your left. Drum roll please (or not), here they are...Happy National Scrapbooking Day to all you scrappy, happy people out there and happy weekend to the rest of you! :)


Sharmaine said...

Hi Lindsay,
yay to 100 :)
Love the pages
Just wanted to say hi & send you a hug.

Beth Perry said...

those are absolutely gorgeous! I love every single one of them!

Anonymous said...

i love these layouts! so colorful and I love the designs!!

Marie said...

happy happy joy joy! Love your pages my dear!