Monday, June 1, 2009

A very thrifty weekend.

That, it was! Saturday morning was spent yard sale-ing and Sunday morning was spent at the local antiques flea market, resulting in some lovely finds overall! So exciting!

Would you like to see what I picked up?

Here's my yard sale finds...
A large framed owl embroidery piece from Mission Gallery in El Torro, a lovely cross-stitched tissue box cover with pink roses, a set of Pyrex Town and Country (I believe) casserole dishes - 2 with the glass lids, a small jar of buttons, a vintage acrylic Christmas ornament, a small milk glass vase, a large basket (that now holds my ribbon stash), a vintage twin floral flat sheet and some other random things.

Here's a closer look at the owl embroidery...On to the flea market finds! I found the best seller who had some vintage sewing notions and was selling them VERY cheap! From her, I purchased some seam binding, embroidered ribbon with a child-like print new in it's package, sequin appliques, rhinestone chains, 2 packets of rhinestones, and a few vintage Christmas cards, etc. Here's a peek!I also picked up a vintage handkerchief with the loveliest pink and green rose inspiring! Not sure what I'll do with this yet.And here's a 1946 "The Four Musicians of Bremen" book with some of the seam binding mentioned above.I loved the cover art and the yellow and had to pick it up because my Father and I used to read this together when I was little. I still have that version, but it's a much more modern one.

I also picked up an old jar of buttons (because you never know what you'll find in there!) and was pleased when I found lots of lovely buttons, some rhinestone, hidden amongst the others and lots of dirt. A majority of my evening was spent cleaning these buttons last night, but I think it paid off...look at how lovely these all are...Here's a look at some of the dirty buttons before cleaning...I also managed to reorganize my lace. I keep it in a basket and try to keep the blues and greens to one side and the reds and pinks to the often gets very messy, but is so fulfilling when you re-organize and then it looks like this, at least for a little while!Off to get ready for work...I'll leave you with a photo of some folded blankets and throws, just because I thought it looked fun.Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

AWESOME flea market finds! You had a great weekend! I'm definitely jealous! LOVE those chains... and the buttons... and the lace!

Ellen said...

love that seam binding..especially the red and white stripe! That owl pic is also sooo fun! Hope you will be selling some of your lovely rhinestone trim them!

I BLEED PINK said...

That owl picture is Awesome!!