Thursday, July 2, 2009

Layout Show and Tell

I feel like I never scrapbook any more. Lately, I've really had the urge to though and have managed to get out a few pages in the past few weeks. Here they are...
It felt so good to complete a few layouts! Makes me wonder why I don't scrapbook more often as of late. Although, it's funny, when I sit down to scrapbook after I haven't in a while, it almost feels like I've forgotten how and that I have to find my way around the page again.

This has me excited and thinking about "Alice in Wonderland" a lot lately. I think lots of other feel the same right now.Will it ever stop raining here in New England? It's rained or been cloudy and overcast nearly every day since the beginning of June. It has to stop sometime, right? Hopefully by this weekend, especially since I hope to go to the outdoor flea market. So, here's hoping!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Genevieve said...

Great layouts as always, doesn't look like you lost your groove at all!

And I feel ya about the rain/clouds, Atlantic Canada has gotten the same crap for over 2 weeks now. Terrible terrible June, here's hoping July is better!

TheresaK said...

I CANT wait til that movie comes out!!

LOVE your pages. They are always so colorful and pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

super cute layouts!
can't wait for that movie! just saw him 2 nights ago in public enemy.

*fauve* said...

yessssss i feel the same way about scrapbooking now a day's!!So weird...

Maybe we needed this break??
Loveeeeeeee the pages though,you always know how the combine things so well!


Michelle said...

Ugh. It's raining here, too! :( Not July weather, at all! Lovely pages, girl! I've missed peeking in here to see what you've made lately. I can;t even explain how excited I am about Alice in wonderland, too...Eeek!!

Melissa said...

cute layouts! And yep..I think i'm a gonna want to see that new Alice movie too!

Have a good weekend!