Monday, June 29, 2009

Recent thrifty finds.

I know...I haven't posted anything in a bit. Horrible, horrible. Last weekend was my birthday. That was fun. 24 years old now. Where does the time go? This birthday was sooo much better than my last stress. That's the way birthdays should be!

And I spent lots of time thrifting...eeee! Love! I found lots of neat little things...vintage trims, greeting cards, Snoopy figures, kitsch, etc. Here's a look...This little boy on a tin bicycle is so fun! I love his face. Unfortunately, he's missing his handlebars. Poor guy. Trying to think of something to use to make my own handlebars for him.

And this girl is super creepy in the best sort of way! Made in Japan. Her eyes are clouded with dirt and dust and unfortunately, I believe it's all on the inside because it won't wipe off. Anyone know how to fix this? I mean, I could leave her all creepy-like. But I think she'd be so cute fixed up. If anyone knows, please leave a comment on this post...thanks!

And yesterday I hit up an indoor flea market and an antiques mall with my friend, Katie...found some cool things. Not too much...some crepe paper, buckles, lace eyelet trim, a tiny flocked pink apple and pear, and this wonderful vintage Hasbro toy Sew-Rite sewing machine!I adore the sewing machine! It's so pink and so cute! If I ever take my sewing machine out of it's box and learn to sew and set-up a designated area for said activity, this is totally being displayed in that area!

I also managed to get my hands on a TON of buttons. Here we are about a week later, and I'm still sorting and cleaning. I plan on adding some to my Etsy vintage and supply shop at some point (and also, if the sun ever comes out again to take pictures)...

I have done a bit of scrapbooking. Woah. I know! haha I'll post the layouts I've finished sometime this week, so stay tuned!

Hope you're all well! Off to eat dinner and maybe make a few things for Other Such Nonsense!

Ps. I'm still so sad over Michael Jackson's passing... :(

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