Monday, August 10, 2009

Catching Up.

I'm on vacation still and spending the night editing and archiving months worth of photos. Last night I spent downstairs in the basement sorting through boxes and boxes of stuff...childhood books, toys, mementos, old Beanie Babies (yes, I collected them and still have them), things I'm saving for if I ever have my own house (i.e. Pyrex!), etc. I'm also trying to purge, with the hopes of having a yard sale next spring. It's still not done and I'm in the process of trying to finish multiple other projects as well. For some reason, I've REALLY gotten behind in the past year since the move. Ugh!

So, I'm catching up...or trying to. And to go along with that, I haven't posted any photos of my lovely thrifty finds for the past few weeks. This post is going to be dedicated to that, of course!

First up, my yard sale finds from 7.18:
I really adore the vintage Madeline book. The colors and pictures are so inspiring to me. I've had a major crush on vintage children's books lately. I look for them everywhere and pick up the ones I find extra inspiring!I was really excited to find the Urban Outfitters sequined frame at a church rummage sale! It was just $1.00 too! I have one in silver sequins that I bought brand new from the store a year or so ago for $16.00, I believe. I couldn't pass the black one up!The vintage plastic miniatures were found at the last sale of the day, one that I almost didn't go to. Glad I did!

And here are my yard sale finds from 7.31:Lots of lace and trims!The cupcake toppers were free!
The vintage Alice in Wonderland book and Gus (from "Cinderella"...GusGus!) ornament are my favorite finds from the day and came from the same yard sale, which was an unexpected stop and was right across the street from my Grandmother's house. The book was 50 cents and Gus was 5 cents.

And this stuff was from the local antiques flea market (one of my favorite places!)...the seam binding was 25 cents a piece. And the plastic deer has become one of my favorites...I've named him Chester and you may be seeing him around Other Such Nonsense and Other Such Nonsense 2: Vintage and Supply!I also managed to score this large lot of vintage lace from a very kind lady. There was so much of it! I'm still sorting through it! Expect to see some make it's way into Other Such Nonsense 2!That's all for now. Back to archiving. I still have to share this past weekend's finds with you (tomorrow, hopefully!) and they're some of my favorites! For me, this has been a wonderful thrift season so far!

Don't forget to check back in soon! :)

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