Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Rest.

Alright, here's the rest of all my thrifted finds that I have yet to show. These all came from this past weekend, mostly from 2 separate estate sales.

Some of my favorite finds to date are in these hauls!

Here's my haul from an estate and yard sale from this past Saturday.All the vintage laces, trims, bias tape, seam binding and ornaments were from one estate sale. This was the first estate sale that I have been to where you actually go through the house. It was a bit strange at first, but then when I saw the table of laces and trims, I was in heaven! There was tons of yarn and some other random things too, but I didn't have any arms left to go through any of it or pick up any of it, unfortunately. Plus, I wasn't sure how the price was going to be. To my surprise it was extremely fair and now I'm a bit, "Oh, I wish I had gotten more!".I absolutely adore the vintage sequin trim!I also picked up a pink Pyrex Gooseberry casserole dish with this lot, although it's not pictured. It came with a cover, but after getting home, I noticed it's not the right cover for the dish. Bah!

The ephemera-type stuff was all in a box and picked up from a yard sale. I fell in love with this old Babycham coaster. The baby deer graphic and colors...sigh! So pretty. I think I may put it up on an inspiration board.
On Sunday, I hit up another estate sale and at this one, everything was just thrown in boxes and bags and they were all strewn about the driveway. I, as carefully as I could, loaded up a huge grocery tote filled with stuff. And I mean, it was really filled. I had so many breakables in there too, I was terrified I was going to break something.Everything was caked in dirt, but overall, it all cleaned up very nicely!
My favorite find of the weekend was this vintage Cathrine Holm Lotus Enamelware Pot. It was in the first box I look at and I picked it up at the time (I didn't know what it was) because I adored the colors and pattern. I was very excited when I got it home and actually realized what it was. And I was more excited that it cleaned up beautifully (almost like new!)...I was also very excited about this vintage wooden perpetual calendar. It's marked Japan and is in great condition, with the exception of one missing orange ball on the number stick.

I picked up tons of Christmas stuff too...they had SO many bags! I tried to only grab the stuff that really stood out to me.So many kitschy, lovely things!
And I especially adore this vintage plastic expandable nativity...how cool, huh? If anyone knows who made this, I'd love to find out!

So, overall, a pretty good weekend for thrifting.

This morning, Tim made pancakes for us (so delicious! I love when he makes them!) and this afternoon, I babysat his nephew (too cute!). This evening, I finished cleaning some vintage buttons that I've had sitting around on the kitchen table forever and tomorrow, hopefully I'll tackle more boxes in the basement. At some point, I also need to get back into my crafty closet and make something! haha

Hope you all have a happy Wednesday! :)]


Anonymous said...

Woah! Amazing! Love all that stuff!

Chelsea Ling said...

I saw this all on flickr and am SO jealous! btw, i featured you on my blog yesterday! :) xo

Lindsay said...

Thank you so much, Chelsea! What a lovely little feature!! :)


*fauve* said...

You find the most adorable stuff!!SIgh love looking at it!

Now you wanna make me go and thrift again :D

TheresaK said...

How come you always find all the cool stuff???? I never luck out that much!!!! I love that nativity set too!!!

TracyP said...

Holy Moly you have been finding some loot girl:) I haven't checked your blog in some time! Been wondering where you have been.I haven't seen anything crafty from you in awhile.... And well now I know why! lol
Hope your having a great Summer:)

Lindsay said...

Tracy, yes, I've been a bit pre-occupied! hehe! I've been finding some awesome lace and buttons though and while waited to be sorted/cleaned, everything has been piled in front of my craft area. So, I haven't even really been able to get to my craft area, haha. I'm sure I'll be back to creating loads this fall once yard sale/flea market season is over!

Hope you've been well!