Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vintage and Supply Etsy Update

I've listed a bunch of fun new things to my vintage and supply Etsy shop tonight! Yay!

Some really fabulous kitschy fun vintage stuff, too!

Like these vintage children's birthday activity cards...And the most awesome vintage plastic Santa cupcakes picks in their original packaging by the Lone Toy Tree Company...Then, there's this slightly creepy but way cool vintage Santa doll head pick!
How fun would he be stuck on top of someone's Christmas stocking? haha

And this sweet and simple 1940s My Verses booklet, handmade by a child...Some other stuff too, so be sure to check it out! I've got lots on the way, like vintage housewares, more lace, buttons, etc. I just have to photograph and sort everything, which has proven to be quite a pain in the you know what.

Right now, all I have is a basic point and shoot digital camera and I've been feeling quite frustrated with how the camera picks up light (or rather doesn't), which means that sometimes my photos come out a little fuzzy. It drives me nuts! I'm such a perfectionist. If you've noticed, I've also been playing with some new backgrounds and props too. Still trying to find the perfect combination. I may have today. We shall see. Of course, once I do, I'll have to re-image everything. Fun stuff!

In the next few weeks, I will be starting to add new Christmas ornaments for the 2009 season, as well as some other lovelies at both the Other Such Nonsense Etsy shop and Lollishop. So, be on the lookout for those! Of course, I'll probably share some sneak peeks soon! And if you're interested in having a custom ornament made this year (i.e. Baby's First Christmas), please email me @ and I can work with you to create something you can cherish year after year!

In other news, it's going to be a busy week for me. Tim and I have decided to have a yard sale this coming week and I've spent tons of time sorting through everything, trying to get prepared. Now, I have to price everything. I've got lots of crafty things and old scrapbooking (don't worry, just some things...not everything...once things settle down, I plan on scrapbooking more) supplies, so if you're in the southern Maine area and are interested, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll give you the address of where the yard sale is going to be.

Hope everyone has a gorgeous week!


*fauve* said...

Really cute,love it all!Especially the cupcake picks :)

Anonymous said...

what cute stuff!