Thursday, September 17, 2009

New cards.

Hello all! It's very much beginning to feel like fall, isn't it? All the new tv seasons have started. I remember back in May, thinking it would feel like forever before they would start again and then poof! They're back!

I've added some brand new super fun Christmas cards to the Other Such Nonsense Etsy and Lollishop! I know, it seems early, but really, I'm sure Christmas will be here before we know it. The retail stores are already bringing out their Christmas goods and I've got lots of my own Christmas goodies that I've prepared for this holiday season, in addition to the cards. New 2009 button wreath ornaments, pretty beaded snowflake ornaments, wall hangings, etc. I'll be adding these lovelies soon.

But for now, just the cards. You can find the following in the Other Such Nonsense Etsy shop.
And this one in the Other Such Nonsense Lollishop.
Be on the lookout for some ornament sneaks, hopefully within the next few days! Now, off to watch "the Office" season premiere! Yay!

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cupcake studio said...

Your new cards are so JOYful! Love 'em!