Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catching up.

Or trying to. I've resigned to the fact that 2009 is just going to be a hectic year with lots of unexpected obstacles popping up. At least, obstacles having to do with getting anything done, i.e. crafting, scrapbooking or shop stuff.

The latest unexpected almost 96 year old Great-Grandmother (we call her G.G.) is in the hospital and has been for over a week now. She's doing as well as she can for the situation she's in, which I won't get into, but we all know her time to go will be sooner than later. She's been lucky though. She really hasn't had any health issues too serious and even a year ago, was still her usual goofy little self. She still is joking around, actually, when she's up for it. But even so, there have been more visits to the hospital lately than I'd like (which is really 0, so any visit to the hospital is unwelcome in my eyes), my point is, just in case I'm absent for days, or even a few weeks at a time, know that it's because once again something unexpected has come up.

But, in the meantime, I'm working as hard as I can to get things listed in my shops. Trying to squeeze in picture-taking, editing, describing, measuring and listing items is no quick feat. I had planned to have Christmas ornaments up by now, but I'm still uploading loads to Other Such Nonsense 2: Vintage and Supply. It was a busy thrift season this summer and I have far, far too much, as I've said before, so I'm sharing the nifty thrifty finds. Here are some recently added items...
Vintage Plastic Craft Dolls
Vintage Shabby Floral Tin (so perfect to store vintage buttons or supplies!)Vintage Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Vase
Vintage Lace Trim CollectionVintage Kwong Sang Tea Co. Orange Tea Tin

There's lots more that's been listed and will be listed, so keep checking back and feel free to heart the shop if vintage and supplies are your thing, like they are mine! :)

Here's some pictures I've yet to share on my final estate sale stop of the season. I doubt there will be many more before spring. Maine in the winter equals not a lot of thrifting, unfortunately. But, I did score some awesome finds at this sale! The 1950s plastic dollhouse babies are my favorites, along with the tin globe bank, which was a steal at 50 cents!

In other news, last week, Tim's sister got married. Here's a photo of me and Tim and his nephew, Trot, who just recently turned 1 year old!Trot was sooo cute in his little tuxedo! This kid has such a fun little personality too...he's totally stolen my heart!

I can't believe all the leaves here have started changing already. Is it really fall? Yikes! I have been enjoying lots of pumpkin-flavored goodies, though, so that's exciting. I was over the moon the other day when I found out I could get a pumpkin spice iced coffee at Dunkin' Donuts! I've also been enjoying the start of the fall television season. It's good to be able to watch "The Office" on Thursday nights again! And my new favorites are "Glee" and "the Vampire Diaries". Any one have any new favorites?

Alright, off to upload some more items. And maybe eat dinner. I'll leave you with a sneak peek of some new Peace ornaments that I'll be adding as soon as I get a chance this holiday season!Happy Sunday!

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Ellen said...

all of your goodies are simply superb! I love the ornaments that you will be selling...the glittery doves are awesome!