Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Friday!

That means another blog post! Confession...I almost forgot. I know. I know. But, I still have 1 hour left till midnight on east coast time, so this counts. Did I mention I'm going to try to post every Friday? Well, I am.Last Friday I mentioned that I was heading into Boston to see the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Museum of Science. I figured I'd talk a bit about it for all of you Potter-lovers out there!

The exhibition was really wonderful to see. I had the opportunity to check out the Lord of the Rings exhibition when it rolled by back in 2004 (I believe) and while that was neat to see, it in no way can compare to the Harry Potter Exhibition. The HP Exhibition was so much more vast and detailed...truly incredible! It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to go through the entire exhibit (including the huge store at the end) and that was rushing it...we had a train to catch after all.I thoroughly enjoyed the detail that went into everything...the props, costumes...things the average eye would never pick up on. So many costumes...gorgeous fabrics and laces! I particularly enjoyed seeing the costumes of Dolores Umbridge. So fantastically pink! I'm now going through the pink phase that I never did through grade school. And then of course, I loved seeing the costumes worn by some of Potter crushes, i.e. Christian Coulson as Tom Riddle, Sean Biggerstaff as Oliver Wood...And of course, there were 3 costumes of Robert Pattinson's as Cedric Diggory! Exciting!
Speaking of Cedric Diggory, going through the major store, I had my eye out for anything R. Pattz. I didn't really find much...that was relatively affordable that is. There were replica wands for $44.99 and a replica Marauder's Map, also for $44.99...yes, $44.99! A note to anyone who visits the exhibition in their own town, most things are a bit overpriced, like the aforementioned, which retail online for about $10 less. I especially took note of the price of the chess set, which was priced at $499.99. Online, it retails for $399.99, so be weary of that. For myself, I did pick up a bag of coloring pages and a glittery flocked coloring kits. What can I say? It's the crafty, eternal-12 year old inside of me! I also picked up some postcards and we made sure to get an Exhibition program/book. Then, lo and behold, what was nearly hidden near one of the registers? A Harry Potter Exhibition magnet with a picture of Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory! Score! I was happy!

Here it is pictured with a little souvenir Boston globe I picked up at a shop in Fanueil Hall.For anyone who is interested in visiting the Exhibition, be sure to keep an eye on the official site, as I believe there will be more cities added. Definitely visit if you get a chance! And tip of advice, bring your patience with was insanely packed when we went and while it was still worth it to see, it was often hard to see with all of the people clamoring around.

In other news, I hope to add some fun new items to Other Such Nonsense 2: Vintage & Supply this week. Will be sure to keep you posted right here.

Off to may be the weekend, but I still have to work in the morning. Thank you, retail!

(Please note that any official Exhibition pictures were borrowed from the Official Site.)

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Wow i would love to go to that exhibition.Looks awesome!