Friday, March 19, 2010

My Favorite Vintage Buttons

I gathered some of my most favorite vintage buttons and thought I'd share them today!I love all of the bright color and the intricate details.I love using them in my projects, but sometimes I think they're just too pretty or interesting to use. Of course, these all belong to that category.
Rhinestone buttons are a love of mine as well. Love the touch of sparkle in the center of the plastic.At some point, I should probably figure out some way to display my favorites...maybe some sort of shadowbox. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm getting very excited that flea market/thrift season should be starting back up soon here! Of all the things I keep my eyes open for, buttons (and trim) are always number 1. It really is an addiction!

In other news, I've listed all of the destash items from craft space in the shop. I've also added lots of items to the SALE section. And, once again, for all my blog readers, you can save 10% off your entire purchase (not including shipping) at both Other Such Nonsense 2: Vintage & Supply and Other Such Nonsense through Wednesday, March 31, 2010. Just simply include the code RAMBLINGS10 in the Notes to Seller section upon checkout. I'll refund the difference via PayPal, after payment is received.

With all the destash listed and my space re-organized, I'm hoping to get back in there and start creating. Sometimes I really hate how creativity ebbs and flows. For me, when it's on, it's so on, and then when it's not, it's so not. I wish it was always on. I think I need to get back in touch with my creativity. Maybe this weekend, I'll be able to put everything else out of my mind and sit down to make something. Wish me luck!



*fauve* said...

SIGH,so pretty!You have some really gorgeous ones...Maybe we should swap sometime.I will make a picture of my faves too,how fun!

Lindsay said...

Yes, Fauve! I'd love to see your faves!! :)

Ellen said...

LOVE those gorgeous buttons! Those bumpy ones are super duper cool! I too love searching for vintage trims and buttons...heck anything vintage crafting and sewing. A shadow box would be gorgeous with a beautiful aged velvet backing. Or you know that vintage buttons also make funky and festive magnets...and you can display them on your magnetic board or fridge. Hope you are having a most delightful Spring day!

cupcake studio said...

Oh my! Those buttons look like candy...they're so pretty!