Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Re-Organized Craft Space and DESTASH Sale.

A few weeks ago, I went to go sit down at my craft space, but then realized, I couldn't even get to my craft space, as it was overrun with "stuff". So much stuff, piled and thrown, here and there. I'm sure my fellow crafters can relate. Of course, if you remember, my craft space is a literal closet, which, really, doesn't provide that much room, so I really need to keep it under control at all times, or it gets really out of control. I hadn't done a massive clean-up since sometime last year, and even then, it wasn't as massive as it needed to be, as I held on to lots of stuff that I had been holding onto and never used, you know, just in case. Once again, I'm sure my fellow crafters can relate.So, I started in, one bin, one jar, one box, one item at a time and I purged and I purged and it felt so good, while also feeling really overwhelming. I had stuff pulled out from the closet everywhere, all over my bedroom. After seeing the pile of stuff I was purging, I couldn't believe it had all been in my closet, as my closet was still full!I gave a huge box and some bags of stuff to a few of my friends, one of whom was going to bring a ton of it into her work, as she works at a establishment that helps individuals with development problems. They love arts and crafts, but their supplies are limited, so she knew that they would love everything I gave her.

After giving a ton away, I still found a bunch of stuff that I don't plan on using. And really, if I don't plan on using it or if it doesn't fit my current "style", why hang on to it in case and let it clutter my creative space, which in turn clutters my creativity? I'm sure others can find uses for it, so, with what's left, I'm having a huge DESTASH sale @ Other Such Nonsense 2: Vintage & Supply! I'll be adding lots of items throughout the next week. I hope to have everything listed as fast as I can list it, as I really want to just get rid of it all.

Here's a sampling of stuff that will be added...And for all my blog readers, save 10% off your entire purchase (not including shipping) at both Other Such Nonsense 2: Vintage & Supply and Other Such Nonsense through Wednesday, March 31, 2010. Just simply include the code RAMBLINGS10 in the Notes to Seller section upon checkout. I'll refund the difference via PayPal, after payment is received.

Hope you all have a happy weekend! :)


Lal said...

OMGoodness! I love your space! Can't even tell it's a closet! It's so bright and colorful and SO organized! I am in AWE of your AWE! lol Love your vintage looking buttons..where do you get them? Nice job on your sb space :)

Lindsay said...

Thank you so much! I'm lucky that it's a pretty good sized closet! The buttons I've picked up at local antique malls, thrifted from flea markets and estate sales, etc. I'm so addicted to buttons! :)

earthlyjewels said...

I love your craft space! I need to clean out all my stuff too and your pictures are definitely an inspiration!