Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poor Corey Haim.

It saddened me today to read about the loss of Corey Haim. (Photo copyright of Warner Bros.)

Way before my obsession with all things "Twilight", there was "The Lost Boys". I was a little bit behind it's time...I was born in 1985, making me a wee 2 years old when it came out, obviously too young for vampire movies at the time, but I did discover it on my own at some point in the late 90's. And I loved it! Corey Haim's portrayal of "Sam" was so endearing. At the time it became new to me, I believe I was in middle school and developed a total crush on him. I picked up a copy of "The Lost Boys" on VHS and watched it SOOO many favorite parts were all "Sam" parts...the bathtub, the stairs when he confronts Michael, with the Frog Brothers. After that, I tracked down "Lucas" and was endeared yet again and then there was "License to Drive", in which he was cute, and at that point, I think I researched a little to find out what he was up to and it was then that I found out about his drug problem. It saddened me then, when I was all of maybe 14, finding out what his life had become. I didn't crush on him so much after that, although I still loved "The Lost Boys", etc. I felt sorry for him and so hoped that one day he'd find peace and happiness, because then, and even later, while catching a few episodes of "The Two Coreys" on A&E in 2007, it seemed to me that he had just lost his way so badly, that he couldn't find a way to climb out of that black hole, no matter how hard he tried to climb.

I guess as the media is saying, he truly was that "lost boy", seeming to never be able to reclaim that time in his youth, that he so badly seemed to want back. It's a sad story with a sad end and I can only hope he's now found what he couldn't here on Earth.

I've always been one to have an interested in Hollywood and pop culture...the movies and television shows entertain me and the stories and people fascinate me. Lately, it just saddens me to keep hearing that another person I had adoration for, no matter how small that may have been, while I was growing up has passed away. Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, Brittany Murphy, Andrew Koenig (aka "Boner" on "Growing Pains"), and now Corey Haim. So sad. I hope to not read another name for a long while...


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Babydoll said...

I know. That was so sad to hear.