Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Things Friday.

1. I started scrapbooking a new layout. Then I ran out of scrapbooking tape part of the way through. Major bummer! That's always been my adhesive of choice...Scotch Scrapbooking Tape. Can't scrapbook without it. I bought some more tape and was able to finish the layout. Then, I started on some mini photo album that will be gifts for some special little people, that I have been wanted to complete for a while now. Then I ran out of tape again, so I have only completed the one layout. But it did feel good to scrapbook! Especially to get out some feelings about a family situation that had been on my mind.

2. I'm obsessed with the Cuban Chicken Panini @ Panera Bread. Although, hold the ham and the sun-dried tomato ale mustard. I love, love these things! I had one for dinner last night and for lunch today. It probably doesn't help that my local Panera Bread is almost directly across the street from work.

3. I'm SO upset that Boston Rob got voted off of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians" last night. I haven't watched "Survivor" since the All-stars season and now have no desire whatsoever to watch the rest of this season now that the most entertaining this about it is gone. Love Boston Rob!

4. I'm so itching for thrift season to kick up again! I miss the yard and estate sales and my favorite outdoor antiques flea market!!! And most of all, I miss the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of a good find!

5. It's Easter this weekend. We're grilling. What are you doing?

Happy Easter everyone!


Katie* said...

I like this layout, very nice!

Traci Keriazakos said...

I am so excited for the garage sale season to get here also. I am starting off the season on a road trip with my bff. We are going to the 100 Mile garage sale!! I am so excited!

I still love your layouts so much!

TracyP said...

Gorgeous LO girl! I totally agree.... Boston Rob is my Fave! Total Bummer... Russell should of went!:)

Lindsay said...

Traci, I've heard about that! I forget where it is, but I remember, it's way far from me here in Maine! Enjoy your trip! Hope you find some good things! And thanks!

Tracy, thanks! Russell should have went...he was like an evil little Hobbit, haha