Friday, April 30, 2010

5 Things Friday.

1. I did a bit of Etsy shopping the other day. I purchased this vintage "Busy Timmy" Little Golden book and this vintage pink Putz house from TinselAndTrinkets and this gorgeous vintage fabric from Red Comb Vintage. I bought the book because my boyfriend's name is Tim and thought it would be fun to collect vintage children's books with him name in them for display. Call me weird.2. Dear "Glee" writers and showrunners. You have/had a wonderful little gem of a show. You don't need to resort to all sorts of "famous" guest stars and gimmicks. We go from Kristin Chenowith, whom I loved on "Pushing Daisies", but whom I don't care for at all on "Glee" - the 2 April Rhodes episodes have been easily my least favorite thus far, to Molly Shannon and Olivia Newton John and then Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Lopez. It's too much!

3. These plastic babies I thrifted from an estate sale last summer always make me happy. Such kitsch. I love, love the little one looking sideways. If I were a more talented sewer, I'd make them little clothes.4. I added a bunch of stuff to the new SALE section @ Other Such Nonsense! Go check it out! Also, don't forget to go like Other Such Nonsense on Facebook!

5. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I had been looking for a cute, relatively inexpensive earring holder a while back. I finally settled on this one from Urban Outfitters. Here's what it looks like all set up...That's all for today. Now I have to go get ready for my day job, or rather night job tonight, as I'm working till 10pm. Coffee is needed!
Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

omg...we're so on the same page. I have the same UO jewelry stand (but in aqua) and I was just thinking, I need coffee...

Lindsay said...

haha, awesome! I got my coffee - yay! - hope you get yours! :)