Friday, May 7, 2010

5 Things Friday.

Happy Friday, all! Do you still have my Care Bear? Here's a few quick things...1. I heart Jonathan Groff on "Glee". I want more of Jesse St. James. And I don't want him to end up having any evil-ish ulterior motives. That would be no good. No good at all! Hearted him so much in this week's episode, and how I loved that Rachel included all 3 of her "men" in her bad reputation project! "Glee" redeemed itself this week for me. Hopefully it continues this way.
2. I went thrifting a bit last weekend. I went to 2 sales that were a total bust, the flea market, where I found literally a handful of vintage buttons and 1 church sale, where I picked up a vintage floral fitted sheet for 25 cents that I'll use as fabric and a vintage pom pom maker for 50 cents, as well as a box of Shiny Brite ornaments and some vintage plastic Christmas nativity miniatures (not pictured) that I'll use in Christmas ornaments, etc.3. This weekend doesn't look very promising on the thrifty front. There is 1 sale that sounds good on Sunday morning though.

4. I've been working on some new lovelies for Other Such Nonsense. Remember to check out the new SALE section there...trying to make room for the new stuff! Also, I added lots of things to the SALE section of Other Such Nonsense 2: Vintage & Supply as well! Making room for new things there as well! You could call it a spring shop cleaning of sorts.

5. Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all the Moms out there! Hope you enjoy your day! :)

That's it for now. Until next time,

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