Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sorting Through the Haul.

I hit a few yard sales today...3 of them were good, 1 of which was awesome! At a house that had been occupied by 2 little French ladies (which usually means lots of lots of cute kitschy stuff!), I hit the motherload and came out of there with 1 box, 1 large bag plus some loose stuff. I had to dig through boxes and under piles, but I found tons of vintage Christmas stuff, some craft stuff, etc. It got to the point I couldn't dig anymore because my hands were so full, and they're having it again tomorrow, so I'll probably swing by one more time.

But now, I find myself having to clean and sort through everything. This is what the dining room table looks like currently...And here are some close-ups of the piles of stuff...including some of the vintage Japan paper houses that were all thrown in the box I picked!Wish me luck! And sorry I missed last week's post. Will have to catch up soon!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)


jo_annie said...

NO WAY!!!! I am so jealous right now!! GREAT haul!!!

Carol Anne said...

wow! That is impressive!! You got very lucky at that one!!