Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Thrift of the Season.

Last weekend, there were a hand full of moving sales and by hand full I mean 2. Still, I managed to find a few things at each one.
I particularly love the box of Shiny Brite ornaments! The box is in really good condition.

The vintage owl hooks weren't exactly thrifted, but were found at a local antiques shop, where I fell in love with them and just HAD to have them. Haven't found a place for them yet, but I'm trying. Same goes for this cute little spring purse/tote that was handmade from vintage fabrics and was found at the same antique store at this cute little booth in the back, filled with vintage linens, bedding, notions, sewing patterns and cute purses and make-up pouches, aprons handmade from vintage fabrics, etc. I adore this purse so much, I'm tempted to never use it (crazy I know!)...but I do know it looks fabulous hanging off the door knob in my bedroom. I almost bought this super cute make-up pouch featuring vintage Lily Pulitzer fabric, but didn't. If I go back and it's still there, I may have to get it though.This weekend it's cloudy and rainy, so no thrifting for me. Next week, perhaps?

What are you planning on doing this weekend?

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